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    HI - Carly 'Charli' Scott, 27, Makawao, Feb 2014 *Maps, Media Links & Timeline only*

    Here is the best I could come up with. I *think* the locations are pretty accurate.


    A is where she left from
    B is approx location of xbf vehicle
    C is where 'pings' stop
    D is where dog was found
    E is where her vehicle was found

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    How many Missing Women in Maui?

    Charli (Carly) Scott
    ... missing since Sunday, Feb 9, 2014
    ... went to help ex-boyfriend out Sunday night on Hana Hwy (I believe near mile marker 20 in Keanae) & he says she followed him out but he lost sight of her headlights
    ... her dog, Nala, was found safe on Monday in Nahiku
    ... her SUV was found (burned) at Jaws, Haiku

    Facebook page for Charli

    Moreira Monsalve
    ... missing since Sunday, Jan 12, 2014
    ... last seen around 10pm in Wailuku at ex-boyfriend's residence
    ... her car was found at an auto shop in Kahului (was dropped off by ex-bf)

    Websleuths thread

    Facebook page for Moreira

    Laura Vogel
    ... missing since Sunday, Feb 21, 2010
    ... sent a text to a friend at 8:20pm indicating she was "meeting all the locals" in an area known as the birthing pools in Haiku, in Maui County (she was planning to camp overnight)
    ... van was found near the Pauwela lighthouse

    Websleuths thread

    Find Laura Vogel website
    Facebook page for Laura
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    Maui police confirm torched car belongs to missing woman


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    Some of her clothing has been found at mile marker 14-18. Search continues Friday morning.

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    Not a map but detailed information about what is at each mile marker. If you click on the highlighted blue lettering you can also go through a slideshow of pictures of each spot.

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    Timeline & summary for Charli Scott

    Maybe this will help? Putting details/times in one spot:

    Sunday, 2/9/14

    8:00pm … last seen at sister’s house in Haiku
    8:30pm … picked up ex-bf at his house (as per ex-bf's interview)
    9:30pm … arrived at ex-bf’s truck stuck in Keanae at MM20 (time as per Mom’s interview)
    10:30pm … “they got back to Haiku” “he doesn’t know what happened to her” - referring to ex-bf’s words about losing sight of her headlights “around Twin Falls” (quoting from both his & Mom’s interviews)
    11:00pm … last GPS ping on Charli’s cell phone at Honomanu (from FindCharliScott FB)

    (I'm sure these times are close 'guess-timates' as someone previously asked about everything happening so conveniently in 1/2hr or 1hr increments)

    Monday, 2/10/14

    AM … sister became worried she hadn’t heard from Charli, went to her house to check on her, family went to ex-bf’s work to ask him:

    Mileka: "Monday morning they showed up?"
    Steven: "They showed up -- one of them showed up at work and told me what was going on and then called me later and I rushed out to show them exactly what had happened the night before and proceeded to help them look." ... from ex-bf's interview
    PM ... seems logical that this was when they actually drove out w/ex-bf & started driving around the general area looking for any signs of her or her car; probably stopping at any 'public' areas to check/inquire and making a million phone calls to see if anyone had heard from her or seen her

    10:45pm … Mom reported Charli missing to police

    (Nala, Charli’s dog was found alive and well on Upper Nahiku Rd on Monday morning but family didn’t find out until Tuesday and got her back Tuesday night)

    Tuesday, 2/11/14

    I cannot tell if any 'official' searches were coordinated or just family & friends on Tuesday:

    “we drove the whole route all the way from Hana all the way back home 3 times yesterday and there were 8 of us out there” “there is no indication of where she might have gone over (referring to the guardrail) but that’s all we can think of” ... transcript from Mom’s interview (I believe she was speaking about searching on Tuesday)
    “She was exhausted and it was dark when she left,” said Wais. “I’m afraid she fell asleep at the wheel and is just waiting for someone to help,” said Wais who joined other family members last night in scouring the Hāna Highway for signs of Scott or her vehicle. http://mauinow.com/2014/02/12/search...n-nahiku-area/
    Wednesday, 2/12/14

    9:00am ... Organized ground searches led by Morey Inc. began ...
    Searches focused on mile marker 20 past Keʻanae and mile markers 27 to 29 in the Nāhiku area

    6:00pm … friends acting on a ‘hunch’ found Charli’s car at the top of “Jaw’s” Peʻahi, on its side, burned

    Thursday, 2/13/14

    Ground and air searches continue ...

    Early evening … some of Charli’s clothes were found near MM 14-18:

    “Paraquats Beach is where her clothes were located and confirmed as hers, the search is focusing in the area. It is nearest to Hanamanu.” (from FindCharliScott)

    Friday, 2/14/14

    Ground and air searches continue ...

    UPDATE: calling out to all cowboys with horses and riders we need assistance in search and rescue to find "Charlie" ... from Morey, Inc
    Searching parties are needed for every part of Hana Hwy between Haiku to Keanae! EVERYONE IS NEEDED, ALL HELP IN WANTED! Her car was found at "JAWS"! Any recourses you can have and obtain we need to meet at DOOR OF FAITH ROAD IN HUELO AT 8 AM! Binoculars, walki-talkies, snacks and water, first aid kits, flashlights, anyone with a 4x4 vehicle, dirt bikes, quads! ... from Morey, Inc
    You probably have to be a local to truly appreciate the terrain they are searching - it doesn't sound easy!

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    MPD Releases Latest Details in Search for Charli Scott


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    Volunteers find missing Maui woman's sweater, skirt


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    HI - RESOURCE THREAD - Carly Joann Scott, 27, Makawao, 9 Feb 2014

    Resource/timeline/maps/MSM/LE Reports. Post them here for future reference.


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    HI - Carly Joann Scott, 27, Makawao, 9 Feb 2014 *Maps, Media Links and Timeline only*

    Adding some Media Links

    EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Search for “Charli” Running on Adrenaline
    "The Maui Police Department’s Special Response Team focused their efforts today on an area where the woman’s clothing and blanket was found at Nuaʻailua Bay, just East of Honomanū in East Maui."
    Just the facts, Ma'am.

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    Exclusive: Ex-boyfriend of missing Maui woman speaks out

    Interview with Ex BoyFriend that Charli went out to help the night she disappeared.


    "Hawaii News Now's Mileka Lincoln spoke to Scott's ex-boyfriend and the father of her unborn child, Steven Capobianco. He is the last person to have seen Scott Sunday night before she disappeared. 24-year-old Capobianco has not been charged and is not a suspect. "
    Just the facts, Ma'am.

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    Just the facts, Ma'am.

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    KHON2 Video newscasts

    KHON2 news report with video posted Fri at 10:29pm:


    Search leaders told KHON2 on Friday night that they found Scott’s shoes and some other valuables of hers in the same area where her clothes were found on Thursday night, off Hana Highway near Honomanu Bay.

    “It’s really interesting how it all played out. There’s a good 20-plus miles between where the car was found, the clothes that were found, and then the dog itself all they way in Nahiku, and that’s a big distance,” said Pat Mulligan, who’s helping to post updates on social media.

    On Friday, police searched Scott’s home in Makawao looking for DNA evidence.

    Dozens of people searched a widespread area from Haiku to Keanae for about 14 hours.

    Police brought in the canine unit to help look for Scott as others continued to search on horseback and on foot.
    KHON2 news report with video posted Fri at 3:37pm:


    The search continued Friday on Maui for Carly Scott after friends and family say her clothes and a blanket she kept in her car were found in a pile off Hana Hwy. near Honomanu Bay and Keanae.

    Police were also at Scott’s house in Makawao Friday where Scott’s mother, Kim, was swabbed for DNA.

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    I went backward chronologically through news articles to find the most up-to-date info. These are the sources I used:


    The Maui Police Department’s Special Response Team focused their efforts today on an area where the woman’s clothing and blanket was found at Nuaʻailua Bay, just East of Honomanū in East Maui...

    Aside from the clothing that was found on Thursday at Nuaʻailua Bay–known to some as “Paraquat’s Beach”–Charli’s vehicle was found on Wednesday found burnt and on its side in the remote Peʻahi area above the surf spot known as “Jaws” on Wednesday, and her dog was found near the Nāhiku Market Place on Monday…

    Carly “Charli” Joann Scott, 27, was last known to have left the Haʻikū area on Sunday night to assist her ex-boyfriend, who family members say asked for help in getting his car pulled out of an area near mile marker 20 of the Hāna Highway… He claimed that after he got his truck back on the road, they drove back in separate vehicles and he lost sight of her headlights around the Twin Falls area near Ulalena Road.
    Probably should have put "" around the Headlights Vanished marker because it's what the XBF claims and not an established fact.

    I used street view on Google Maps to find the exact building that houses Nāhiku Market. Glad I did because my first guess was way off. The market is on Hana Highway at Mile Marker 29.


    Scott’s SUV was found at the top of “Jaws Surf Break,” a popular surf spot near Capobianco's home that is full of dirt roads, dunes and abandoned cars. The area is notorious for being a ditching spot for stolen vehicles.

    Used this aerial video of the burned-out vehicle's location and was able to pinpoint the exact spot on Google Earth.


    Ashleigh Hover, a friend of Scott's who lives in Kula, said that a search party found Scott's shirt, skirt and a blanket around 6 p.m. Thursday on a dirt road by Honomanu Park around Mile Marker 15… "We went down last night because if they found her clothes that maybe she could be down there and need us," said Gaines. "So against all the authorities' wishes we went down there anyways. My husband hiked the trail almost all the way down to the beach, and he didn't see anything."

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