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    Trooper says alleged drunk driver started hitting on her

    A state trooper says she's baffled by the behavior of a suspect who displayed amorous intentions as she was taking him into custody for getting into a car accident and failing three roadside sobriety tests.

    "What did he think I was going to do? Go out on a date with him?" asked Trooper Jennifer Fiske, who arrested Peter Bradley Murray early Sunday morning on Route 116. Murray, 42, allegedly began behaving inappropriately while seated beside Fiske in the front passenger seat of her cruiser, which has no cage separating front and back seats.

    "Then he said, 'You have beautiful green eyes,' and he started touching my arm," Fiske said. "I'd had enough of that."

    Fiske got out of the car and went around to the passenger seat to handcuff Murray. She said he tried to cuff himself to her, saying, "I just want us to be tied together."

    Fiske responded by giving a sudden short twist to the handcuff and rapping him on the thigh with her police baton. She said he later tried to grab for the steering wheel, forcing additional smacks.


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    Why was he in the front seat? Couldn't she have cuffed his hands behind his back and put him in the back seat. She should have used her night-stick to fracture his penis.

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    Why WAS he in the front seat and not cuffed to begin with????? From all I've heard and seen of LE, that's against the rules!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeana (DP)
    Why WAS he in the front seat and not cuffed to begin with????? From all I've heard and seen of LE, that's against the rules!

    My husband is LE - he would NEVER EVER have someone he arrested sit in the front seat with him - NEVER ! And he always cuffs anyone he will be transporting.
    But, one of the guys I work with, has been in LE for 30 years, and he will allow someone who has been cooperative, to ride in the front seat with him, uncuffed, while transporting him/her to jail. Most of the officers I work with think he is crazy !!

    I can see some of the "good ole boys" doing this, but it surprises me that it was a younger female officer ....

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