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From new knowledge learned of situations where people get in a car accident before disappearing and stuff about hypothermia that I've learned during the last year, I personally feel foul play far less likely was a factor in Antonio's death. A situation I think could of very well happened was that Antonio was really confused after the accident and got hypothermia, which eventually made him feel as if his body was burning so he went into the water to try to cool off. Something that can happen to female hypothermia victims is that their deaths gets investigated as murders to to being found unclothed as they were frantically trying to stop feeling like they were burning up before their deaths, which usually is a sign of sexual assault. While I don't suspect foul play to of been involved in Antonio's disappearance, I do know there's been cases where some law enforcement members in the Houston or Harris county have done rather improper investigating. Of course some of this is JMO and .
Paradoxical undressing has been discussed here on WS a few times. Fascinating really.

I think your theory is sound, but the unanswered questions bother me. If hypothermia, why leave his clothes and shoes neatly in the car? And the teddy in his underwear? What about the claims of a car running him off the road? :-/