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Thread: Cory Clark and 4 year old Jenna- murdered- trial

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    Cory Clark and 4 year old Jenna- murdered- trial

    ANDERSON, Ind. — An attorney for convicted murderer Fredrick Michael Baer pleaded for his client’s life today, saying that if jurors recommended the death penalty they would be saying Baer “doesn’t deserve to live.”

    Attorney Jeff Lockwood told jurors he sought not sympathy for his client but acknowledgement of the factors that led to Baer slashing the throat of Cory Clark and her four-year-old daughter, Jenna, in their home near Lapel in February 2004.

    Authorities are seeking the death penalty for Baer, who was convicted last week of two counts of murder.

    Lockwood added: “You are being asked to condemn a human being.”

    Madison County Prosecutor Rodney Cummings, speaking in an interview, acknowledged Baer had a tough life, but said, “So what?” He added that nothing justified what Baer did to the Clarks.


    yea really.. SO WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I agree - SO FREAKING WHAT !!

    This guy should FRY !!!



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