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    MN - Noah Graddy, 15, Byron, 21 Jan. 2014

    The Olmsted County Sheriff's Office is once again asking the public for assistance in locating a missing 15-year-old Byron resident.

    Chief Deputy Mark Darnell said Noah Graddy was reported as a missing person by his parents and was last seen on Jan. 21 at a residence in Kasson.

    Graddy was believed to be wearing blue jeans, a gray in color braided sweatshirt and a purple and gray and black checkered snowboard jacket.

    Darnell said due to the length of Graddy's absence and his failure to keep in contact with family the sheriff's office is treating th investigation as a suspicious disappearance.

    Another article says however, that LE thinks he might stay with someone:

    So not sure which information is more correct...
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    Family of missing Byron teen pleads for answers

    Sue Graddy just wants to know her son is alive. It's been seven weeks since Noah Graddy was last seen leaving a house in Kasson. Since then, there have been no reported sightings of Noah and little information as to where he might be.

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    Family of Missing Byron Teen Offer Reward

    Family of Missing Byron Teen Offer Reward -

    (ABC 6 News) --
    The family of missing Byron teenager Noah Graddy is now offering a reward for his return. And now, the family is speaking out about his disappearance. Noah's mom Susan, and his sister Savannah have gotten some donations, and came up with a $1,000 reward for anyone with information that can lead to the return of Noah.
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    Oh no! I clicked on the link above and noticed two stories on the side. His body was found Thursday. So sorry to hear this. I was hoping something had happened and that he was just afraid to come home, but would eventually come back so the family could work things out. RIP Noah. So young

    Friday afternoon Dodge County Sheriff Jim Jensen confirmed a body found Thursday morning is that of Noah Graddy.

    Although a final autopsy report will take weeks, the medical examiner report shows no trauma to the body, and therefore it is not being investigated as a homicide.
    Donations are being collected to help cover funeral costs for a Byron teen whose body was found Thursday outside of Kasson.

    A $1,000 reward had been established to help find Noah. That money will now go toward funeral costs.

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    Oh no...I had hoped he'd come back home soon. RIP Noah.

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    Noah's obit:

    Breaks my heart..born in 1998...that was like yesterday.

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    The Graddy family has been mourning the loss of Noah, 15, since he was found deceased in March, on the railroad tracks outside of Kasson. He had been missing since January. The family has had Noah's death certificate for a while, but they have been waiting for the official autopsy results.

    On Wednesday, June 25, they found the official autopsy results had been released, to the news media. Noah's sister Savannah VanDenBerg received a message on Facebook from a reporter from KAAL Channel 6 news, asking what drugs were found in Noah's system at his time of death, as Dodge County Sheriff Jim Jensen had just released the autopsy results to the news station but would not comment on what drugs were in his system. "I was blown away," VanDenBerg said. "I was in a complete panic, we had no idea Jensen was going to be releasing the results to the media, we didn't even know what the official autopsy results were, we were not notified about any of it."

    VanDenBerg started trying to get a hold of her mom, Sue Graddy, and her dad, David Graddy, but was unsuccessful. "I felt horrible, I couldn't warn them," she said. The first time the family learned the final results were available and being released was from the news media. "Even the reporter that contacted me said he couldn't believe that Jensen hadn't told us before releasing the results to them."

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    A 19-year-old Kasson man is charged with second-degree manslaughter in the death of a Byron teen, who died outside on a subzero morning after a night of drug use.

    According to the Dodge County Attorney’s Office, Darren James Rice is accused of kicking 15-year-old Noah Graddy out of Rice’s grandmother’s house in the early morning of Jan. 22...

    Rice is also charged with one count of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. He could face up to 11 years in prison if found guilty of both charges.

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