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    "I somewhat have closure, got to push on," she said.
    Her attorney, David Ransin, said, "It's important that this has all been done in the honor and the memory of her daughter Hailey."
    Ransin has guided her through all of this.
    "All of this has been very difficult for three and a half years. She's looking forward to the end so that she can get on with her own life," he said.
    Ransin will continue to prepare her for what's to come.

    From the link above.

    I have a problem with a Personal Injury attorney who filed a civil lawsuit on behalf of Hailey's family less than a month for wrongful death after her murder guiding them to settle that lawsuit out of Court just months before the criminal trial. Not to mention the about face change to endorse the defendant and their family for a LWOP penalty in lieu of DP. To me it smells of a "bought" recommendation, if nothing else in appearance. And could it have affected the outcome? The District Attorney's office has a victim assistance office to "guide" the family through the process.

    The civil case "settled" around April 20, 2017 and the formal request to the Court for a plea deal was on June 28, 2017 where Hailey's Mom testified in favor of the deal. Of course we now know the District Attorney would not have any part of it. And even when the Defense asked during the sentencing phase for Hailey's Mom to testify, the Judge overruled the request.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 4SAM View Post
    BBM: what about her 50 minutes and what he put HER through.
    Thanks for the updates, I don't know how you can stay in there.
    I can't hardly handle these kinds of cases when there's just horrific torture and cruelty to kids or animals, I peek in now and then on some, but, rarely stay long, but, YES, Thank you! She didn't even get to live to see 49 years of life! Bless her little heart. And if they'd hit him with the DP, his death would have been HUMANE!!!
    Let me live, so when it's time to die, even the Reaper cries. . . ~ RHCP

    (Unless there's a link, it's just a my own 2.)

    As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly. ~ Arthur Carlson, WKRP in Cincinnati (Happy Thanksgiving!)

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    Jury foreman describes how jurors deadlocked over death penalty for Craig Wood

    “A significant amount of time was then spent on discussing — 'moral compass,' I think is the phrase that comes to mind,” Meyerhofer said. “What was your personal, moral compass telling you to do?”

    After more than four hours of deliberation, Meyerhofer said it was apparent the jury was deadlocked.

    Ten were in favor of death, Meyerhofer said, and two were for life in prison.

    The mood, he said, was mixed.

    "Clearly there were those that felt like justice had not been done for Hailey Owens," he said, but others put a lot of weight in the mitigating factors.

    Wood's attorneys said the mitigating factors were a family history of depression, a loving relationship with his parents and that Wood could have a positive impact on his friends' lives — even from behind bars.

    Meyerhofer said he voted for death.


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    What does hung jury mean for Craig Wood’s fate? It’s complicated

    When Judge Thomas Mountjoy announced Monday afternoon the jury was deadlocked in the Craig Wood sentencing, there was a collective confusion in the courtroom.

    As the jury was excused and the attorneys ducked into a side room, many were left wondering what happens next.

    The answer is both rare and controversial.

    Since the jury could not decide unanimously whether Wood should get the death penalty or life in prison for abducting and murdering Springfield 10-year-old Hailey Owens in 2014, Judge Mountjoy will choose on Jan. 11.

    Missouri and Indiana are the only states where a judge can give a death sentence when the jury deadlocks, and there's debate about whether those death sentences are constitutional.


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