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    Girl Pitches Perfect Game!

    I LOVE this story!!!!


    Girl Pitches Perfect Little League Game Thu May 19, 3:17 PM ET

    OAKFIELD, N.Y. - Katie Brownell is in a Little League all her own. The 11-year-old the only girl playing in the Oakfield-Alabama Little League program pitched a perfect game Saturday for her Dodgers. She struck out all 18 batters she faced in the six-inning, 11-0 victory over the Yankees.

    Oakfield-Alabama officials said they can't remember anybody ever throwing a perfect game in this western New York league between Buffalo and Rochester.

    In two games on the mound, Katie has struck out 32 of 33 batters. And she's hitting .714 through the team's first three games.

    "She's been pitching for three years, but she really came on and excelled this year," said team manager Jeff Sage.

    Katie was almost pulled out of Saturday's game until the scorekeeper reminded her coach she had a no-hitter going. Katie then kept mowing down the opposition and when the last batter was fanned, the crowd erupted.


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    Picture of Katie and more info on her spectacular accomplishment at link!


    But her performance Saturday was rare. Her perfect game was even more perfect than the common definition of the term, which refers to a pitching performance in which every batter is turned back, either by striking out or hitting a ball that results in an out.

    Katie made it simpler: She struck out everybody, yielding no more than two balls to any batter.

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    and an even cuter picture of her!!!

    Can you tell I like this story!


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    How awesome for Katie! This is something that she and everyone else will remember for a long time. Good story!

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    Further proof that baseball needs better steroid testing!

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