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    FL - Mom says fight is driver's fault


    Mark Ernest Dickinson, 15, and his stepbrother, Corey Gene Hendershot, 13, were arrested last week and charged with assault on a school official, a third-degree felony punishable by up to five years in juvenile justice facility, said Russell Kirshy, the family's attorney.

    According to Lake County sheriff's reports, the fight happened last Tuesday afternoon when Taylor tried to put a seat belt on Hendershot who refused to wear it.

    He then told Hendershot to sit up front, but the boy refused. When Taylor walked to the back of the bus, Dickinson got in his way and cursed at him. Taylor then slapped Dickinson in the face and grabbed his throat, the video shows. Dickinson is seen on the video as pushing and punching the 66-year-old bus driver.

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    Mom's attitude shows why these boys are the way they are!!!!
    The saints are the sinners who keep trying...

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    I saw the videotape of what the driver did to the boy and he was WAY out of line. I agree with his suspension without pay and think he should get more than a misdemeanor charge. That being said, it was the boys' obnoxious and disrespectful attitude that caused the whole scene and they should be punished in whatever manner will make them understand that THEY do not run the show.

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