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    Janet Abaroa Time Line and Case Info. NO POSTING PLEASE.

    This thread represents the timeline and important factual information
    to get you started in learning about the life and unfortunate murder of a very special young woman.

    WHO: The victim is Janet Abaroa, 25 years old
    WHAT: She was found murdered.
    WHEN: Shortly before 11pm on the night of April 26, 2005.
    WHERE: In one of the three bedrooms of the home she shared with her son and husband at 2606 Ferrand Drive.
    HOW: She was stabbed to death, but the weapon has not been recovered.
    WHY: We websleuthers are trying to help determine this.
    The other threads in this forum may shed some light and help provide some much needed resolution to this case.

    MOST information from this thread came directly from the stories and info posted on the Media Link Only Thread
    at the top of this forum. It's been summarized on this thread.

    Please keep this thread free of discussion, and with known, factual information about the timeline and events of this case.
    We are all constantly contributing more information to this thread.
    If anything is incorrect, feel free to pm the poster so we can keep this thread completely factual. Thank you!
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    THE WHO:
    About the Key People Involved in This Case

    Janet Marie Christiansen Abaroa, victim
    25 years old
    Grew up in Annandale, VA
    Went to high school and college in Virginia.
    Attended Southern Virginia University in Buena Vista, Va
    Janet graduated with her Associates Degree in Social Sciences in Dec. 2000.
    Was a strong student and star on the small university's first women's soccer team, former coach Joe Bouchelle said.
    Her family said she was an a devout Mormon.

    After taking a year off to be with her husband, Raven Abaroa, she returned to SVU in August 2001 to complete her last two years. As an upperclassmen, Janet received post-season honors as a United States Collegiate Athletic Association (USCAA) Academic All-American (cumulative 3.5 GPA or higher) in 2001 & 2002. She was a member of the President's Honor Roll (4.0 GPA), USCAA Player of the Week (Oct. 1-7, 2001) and a member of the USCAA All-Tournament Team in 2002. Janet experienced great athletic accomplishment, academic success and spiritual development during her 4 years at SVU.

    At the time of her death, Janet was employed as a bookeeper for Martin Marietta Materials


    Raven Samuel Abaroa (Peters), victim's husband
    25 years old
    Graduate of Alta High School
    Attended Salt Lake City Community College from 1997-1998, majored in marketing
    Attended Southern Virginia University in Buena Vista, Va from 1998-2000
    Step-Father Electrician
    Mother- Technology Sales
    4 Sisters, 4 Brothers
    Raven's vehicles:
    Raven had 4 cars/motorcycles at the time he was fired from Eurosport: An Acura 3.0 CL, a Dodge Durango, a VX (just 1 and it was originally white) and his motorcycle. The jeep he apparently owned, he gave to a friend.

    Known names:
    Ina’maqki’u wi’dishi’anun
    Raven Samuel Abaroa Peters
    msn: FuTBaLrGuY

    Kaiden Abaroa, Janet and Raven's son
    Kaiden Kenéhsaeh Abaroa
    Born: October 17, 2004
    Time: 3:07 PM
    Location: Durham, NC
    Weight: 7lbs 15oz
    Height: 20.5 inches


    Known Pets of Janet and Raven:
    Shanuk (dog)
    Ashes (charcoal cat)
    Lucky (short hair black cat).

    According to Raven: Lucky plays fetch and sleeps at the foot of the bed. Ashes is a very sly cat and sleeps at the head of the bed. Shanuk is just amazing and is a great companion. She sleeps outside or in the living room.


    Janet's Family History:
    2292. Janet Anne LAYTON (Cleo Franklin LAYTON ,
    Cleo Gay LAYTON , Anna Theresa HESS , Catharine SLOYER ,
    Johannes SCHLOYER , Johann Michael SCHLEIER , Johann Michael)

    Janet Sr. married Valor Gaines CHRISTIANSEN.

    They had the following children:
    3130FiGaynelle CHRISTIANSEN was born on 23 Jul 1966 in
    Ponca City,Kay,Oklahoma. She died on 19 Feb 1982 in
    Baltimore,Maryland. She was buried on 23 Feb 1982 in
    Kauffman Station, Franklin, Pennsylvania.

    3131FiiDena Lynn CHRISTIANSEN

    3132MiiiBradley Stuart CHRISTIANSEN

    3133FivValanie CHRISTIANSEN

    3134FvSonja Michele CHRISTIANSEN

    3135FviKrista Nicole CHRISTIANSEN

    3136FviiJanet Marie CHRISTIANSEN

    3137FviiiErika Lee CHRISTIANSEN

    3138MixRichard Scott CHRISTIANSEN

    3139MxMark Edward CHRISTIANSEN


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    About the crime / what was reported to have happened:

    Family members told reporters that Janet's husband, Raven, went to a soccer game that night and found his wife's body when he got home. As police continue their investigation, they say there are no clues to indicate the 25-year-old's homicide was a random act.

    Conflicting reports indicate that officers found Abaroa's body in her home on Ferrand Road at about 11 p.m. April 26 after they were alerted by the woman's co-workers. Reports suggested one of Abaroa's co-workers e-mailed her, and when she failed to respond, she and other co-workers went to check on her.
    Also in this report, Abaroa's husband wasn't at the crime scene, and police had no word on his whereabouts as of Wednesday evening, April 27. Police haven't disclosed whether they believe the slaying was the result of a domestic dispute.


    About the house / where the murder happened:
    2606 Ferrand Dr, Durham, NC 27705
    three-bedroom home
    gravel driveway and the wooded yard of the secluded property.

    Abaroa and her husband had lived in the house since August, just before Abaroa had her baby, said their landlord, Peter Greijn of Referral Realty in Raleigh.

    Their landlord let them live rent-free for the last two months after they were both jobless.
    Raven and Janet worked together. Eurosport in Hillsborough
    In February, Raven Abaroa was charged with embezzling thousands of dollars from Eurosport. He was terminated. Janet voluntarily resigned.
    The landlord said they had found new jobs and were getting back on their feet shortly before Janet was murdered.


    About the day's events / when things had happened:
    • Raven plays in a soccer game, times unknown
    • police were called to 2606 Ferrand Drive off Sparger Road about 11 p.m. Tuesday, April 26

    About the crime / how it happened:

    information being gathered at this time
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    Crime Scene and Investigation Info

    Investigators spent nearly 24 hours on the scene, collecting evidence and talking with neighbors. However, police are not talking much at all, saying they don't want to hinder the investigation.

    But they did say this:
    "Nothing in the investigation so far indicates that the homicide was a random act," Durham Police Department spokeswoman Kammie Michael said in a statement.

    In a later story, this was reported:
    When the 911 call came in last Tuesday, police thought they were responding to a shooting, saying the victim's husband, Raven Abaroa, called police to "report a gunshot wound."

    After officers got to the house on Ferrand Drive, Janet Abaroa's husband, Raven, told them his wife was upstairs hurt.

    Authorities found the 25-year-old mother on the bedroom floor with what appeared to be a stab wound in her chest.

    Durham Police said 25-year-old Janet Abaroa was found with multiple stab wounds on a bedroom floor inside her home in western Durham, where Abaroa lived with her husband, Raven Abaroa, and their 6-month-old son. Abaroa was pronounced dead at the scene.

    Court papers show there were large amounts of blood on the floor, on the wall and near a side door of the home.
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    Items Seized through Search Warrant

    Investigators stayed on the scene nearly 24 hours collecting evidence.
    Some of the items seized include
    • a block of knives
    • a "complete set of scissors."
    • financial items, including a checkbook and loan papers
    • and a cell phone.
    Police searched the couple's Dodge Durango, where they found
    • a knife with a case
    • and a pawn shop ticket.
    Authorities also collected
    • soil samples from the SUV
    • and took swabbings from various locations in the house.
    • They also took the clothes Abaroa's husband had been wearing.
    Link to Search Warrant:

    Reported on May 3, 2005
    Police also are reexamining the couple's SUV after interviewing Raven Abaroa last week. Officers found it parked on the side of the couple's home during their initial investigation at the scene.

    Items Not Seized in Search Warrant / in question:
    • home computer
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    Timeline of Janet and Raven's Marriage

    August, 2000
    04: Janet and Raven Abaroa married

    November 2000
    11: Janet and Raven and their dog Shanuk take a trip to Lost River National Park in West Virginia

    December, 2000
    ??: Janet obtains her Associate's Degree and takes a year off from college to spend time with Raven

    February 2001
    19: Janet and Raven took a vacation to Orlando, FL

    May, 2001
    08: Raven's wallet was stolen. It contained $35, his driver's license and credit cards

    January, 2004
    ??: Rumors from an anonymous source indicate Raven was unfaithful to Janet and the couple were in the process of separating,

    Sometime between February and April, 2004
    Janet discovers she is pregnant
    Raven and Janet reconcile

    July, 2004
    01: Raven allegedly begins embezzling funds from his employer, Eurosport

    September, 2004
    01: Raven allegedly embezzles more funds from his employer, Eurosport

    October, 2004
    01: Raven allegedly embezzles more funds from his employer, Eurosport
    17: Kaiden is born

    November, 2004
    01: Raven allegedly embezzles more funds from his employer, Eurosport

    December, 2004
    01: Raven allegedly embezzles more funds from his employer, Eurosport

    January, 2005
    ??: Raven fired for allegations of embezzlement from his former employer, Eurosport in Hillsborough.

    ??: Janet resigned from her accounting position at Eurosport.

    February, 2005
    02: Raven Abaroa was charged with 5 counts of embezzling thousands of dollars from Eurosport, according to court documents.

    April, 2005
    22: Landlord said Janet and Raven just signed the forms for the change in rent. Landlord gave the previous two months free due to unemployment.
    It is believed that their churched raised enough funds to pay for their April rent. May rent would've been back to normal before their unemployment.

    25: Raven makes an entry to his blog on his website about overcoming trying times in his life and plans to start anew (my interpretation)

    26: Janet Abaroa found Murdered in her home

    Sometime between April 26 and May 3, 2005
    ??: Abaroa's husband retained an attorney

    May, 2005
    04: Members of Janet's family tell reporters "the couple was very much in love with each other and their 6-month-old son."

    04: Family members were working to establish a trust fund for Janet and Raven's son, Kaiden, who was at the time being cared for by his father and family friends, said Abaroa's sister, Dena Kendall.

    07: The funeral for Janet was held at noon at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Buena Vista, Va., where she attended Southern Virginia University.

    09: Janet's family participated in a memorial in her hometown at 11 a.m. at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Annandale, Va.

    June, 2005
    10: Raven is scheduled to appear in court for his embezzlement charges
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    Previous Addresses for Janet and Raven


    R Abaroa
    PO Box 21603
    Hillsborough NC 27278
    Kaiden, 6 months old
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    Timeline of Janet and Raven Before Their Marriage


    Lived in Utah for 4 years Lived in San Diego, CA for 13 years, Head Trainer, 2Nutmeg.net, Asst Coach, Fredericksburg Academy Varsity Boys 2001, Trainer, SLCC Women’s Team 1999, Trainer, Rec+, 1999, Trainer, SVC 98 & 99 Women's Team (NSCAA Nat'l Champs), Soccer Team, Coach U-6-8, 1995-1997, Goalie Coach, 1994-1999

    Member of Northern Virginia Royals, 2001 DC United Affiliate Professional Team, NAIA collegiate soccer; Southern Virginia College, 3 years Olympic Development Program Region Camp, 2 years, AAA Sparta Soccer Club, 5 years, State Cup Champions, 1994 & 1996, Western Regionals, 1994, Dallas Cup, 1997, Florida Sun Bowl, 1996, San Diego Surf Cup, 2 years : 3rd place, San Diego Nomads Tournament, 2 years, North County Alliance Tournament, 1995-- First Place Finish, U-19, Huntington Beach (Triad) Tournament, 1995, 10 years AAA Competition, 8 years Indoor Soccer, Regional Champions, 1996, Mitre Cup Nationals, 1996--4th Place Finish


    Grew up in Annandale, Virginia. Attended college at SVU in Buena Vista, Virginia. Earned an Associates Degree in Social Sciences in 2000. At the time of her death was a bookeeper for Martin Marietta Materials. Janet was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

    Janet and Raven met on August 17, 1998 in the Main Hall of Southern Virginia College

    thanks Texasgirl for compiling the info for this post!

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    Raven's Employment History

    (In the works of compiling)

    4720 Montgomery Lane
    Bethesda, MD 20814
    Raven Abaroa rabaroa@knowlogy.com
    At Knowlogy, our mission is to build valuable computer skills for professionals by providing solution-based training, and creating better organization performance. Contact me for any of your IT solution needs. For more information visit www.knowlogy.com

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    Found by ThinkofLaura

    Registered User Join Date: May 2005
    Posts: 231

    I think I've FOUND HIM ON EBAY!!


    http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAP...lostmyjobsales 4 years 5 months NC, United States

    Check out the FB- had intensive activity for a 12 month period, over 200 transactions, then nothing since.

    User ID Effective Date End Date
    lostmyjobsales Jan-19-05 Present
    futbalrguy Nov-15-03 Jan-19-05
    dc-friend Mar-14-01 Nov-15-03
    dc-raven Jan-04-01 Mar-14-01
    *******@ravenstree.com Dec-17-00 Jan-04-01
    eBay hides parts of User IDs with "*" to protect member privacy.

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    again, thanks to ThinkofLaura!

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    Some Important Things Gleaned From Ebay


    Raven's pattern of activity on eBay is SO abnormal.
    Here's why: If I registered today as Daisy Duke, bought and sold stuff and people left feedback ( FB) for me, and then I later changed my eBay name to Daffy Duck, the FB from the other transactions would follow.
    In other words, your FB follows you unless you get away with setting up a totally new account.. and eBay security, called Safe Harbor, usually finds those.

    I have 2 Internet Browsers open so I can hopefully intelligently discuss the irregularities. Taking into account that he started out on eBay in 2001, his
    transaction record is almost ALL within the past 12 months.
    The only question is if he or Janet BOUGHT something on eBay vs.selling. If so, then the stats will be off just a bit. I can't tell because the P. Ness made his profile private.

    Here are how the numbers stack up:

    He had 285 total transactions since opening the account in 2001.

    Out of those 285, 249 were made starting on 6/2/04 forward. 200 are over 6 months old but not over 12 months old... So, there was a flurry of activity all at once, it appears, and the activity coincides with the theft of merchandise.

    Of all the 285 transactions, he only had 36 repeat customers. That is also VERY unusual. Apparently, he dumped the merchandise so fast that he didn't have time for many repeaters? I am not sure why.
    His negatives and neutral comments received were all within the past 12 months from 6/2/04, and there were only 3 ( which I find darned amazing).

    I'm starting to wonder if Janet did the eBay part. If the merchandise was part of the stolen stuff, she wouldn't know. Raven could have told her it was something he bought at huge discounts.

    There has been NO activity, either buying or selling since almost 6 months ago.

    BTW, the sensical answer would be that the police already know about this, but if they did, they would have to contact eBay to obtain the sales records for criminal proceedings.
    Once they told eBay management of the fraud and embezzlement ( trading in stolen goods) eBay would pull his account faster than you can say " Master Card", and they have NOT deactivated his account.

    I suspect Raven thought they would deactivate his account, because he make his feedback private. A person usually does that when they suspect they are getting thrown off eBay.. Usually if they have a rotten FB record.

    He could use this account tomorrow if he wanted to.

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    Found by PrayersForMaura


    Registered User Join Date: Jan 2005
    Posts: 654

    Originally Posted by PrayersForMaura
    I did some searches on ebay. There is a seller named ravenpeters but is listed in the UK.

    http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAP...1&frompage=222 samuelpeters ( 0 ) 2 years 7 months VA, United States

    http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAP...1&frompage=222 ( 21) 3 years 7 months UT, United States

    Note: samuel_peter has purchases that we can link to Raven's interests.

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    Raleigh, NC

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    Tips can be emailed directly to Detective Bennie Bradley:


    If anyone has a tip that needs to be passed along to LE and does not feel comfortable emailing directly, just pm me and I'll help pass the information along confidentially.

    But, it is best if you have information to contact the detective directly yourself.

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