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    KY - Marshall Kay Alley, 69, Wayne County, 21 Feb 2014

    Marshall "Kay" Alley

    Family wants answers in missing man mystery in Wayne County -

    This article seems to be incomplete or someone forgot to proof read it...

    Marshall Kay Alley, 69, was always known to be close to his family. Now, his (son?) doesn't know what to think as it has been three weeks since anyone has seen his father. Hed been released from jail, dropped off a couple of streets from here, and no one has seen him since, Randy Alley said.
    That was on February 21. Kay Alley was supposed headed home on foot, after his incarceration on domestic violence charges, but his doesnt think the disappearance has anything to do with his fathers recent run-in with the law.
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    The cause and manner of death of a Wayne County man, found dead last week in a field just off Christian Mill Road, has not been determined yet, according to Wayne County Coroner Forrest Hicks.

    The body, found on Sunday, May 11, was sent to Frankfort for an autopsy on May 12 and was positively identified as Marshall Kay Alley, 69. Alley had been missing for more than two months, according to local officials.

    Hicks said last week that no evidence of any foul play had been located in the case. He said that Alley's body was located partially under a fallen tree near a creek, and it appeared that he may have slipped under the tree and was wedged there.

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