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    TX - Unnamed Male, 20's, Plano, 18 March 2014

    Plano police search for missing man -

    PLANO —
    Plano police are looking for a missing man in his 20s. Investigators believe he may be in danger. Police located some of his belongings and were conducting a search in a wooded area near 14th Street and Los Rios Boulevard late Tuesday. Police said the man, whose name was not released.
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    Wow, not even a name. Perhaps MSN will have more info forthcoming??!!

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    hmm, he's reportedly been missing before, and statements he made before he went missing make them fear he's in danger.

    i wonder why they're waiting on releasing his name? if i lived in texas it would be hard to keep an eye out for a random man in his 20s.
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    Sometimes I also question these news releases that give us so little info. Then I think that maybe there needs to be more info gathered or perhaps someone notified before a name can be published. For instance, perhaps a friend or neighbor states he might have gone to his parents home, and the parents can't be reached to confirm that he is not with them. Just thinking out loud, you know?

    Anyway, I hope he is found or returns quickly.

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    No name, and no picture. .. Not sure where anyone could even start with this one. :-/

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