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    GA - Frankie Brohm, 22, decapitated in DUI incident, 29 Aug 2004

    I know there was a thread in the off beat news section, but considering that he has been charged I thought it should be here. Let me know if I'm wrong


    MARIETTA, Georgia (AP) -- A drunken driver who veered off the road and decapitated a friend was sentenced to five years in prison Wednesday.

    John Kemper Hutcherson, 21, pleaded guilty to vehicular homicide in the death last August of 23-year-old Frankie Brohm, whose head was severed when the car grazed a telephone pole support wire.


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    I'd forgotten about this one - thanks for the info! Just a sad bad thing.
    Just my opinion

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    It's sad because it was his friend.
    however, his friend Frankie, made a bad choice as well,
    and unfortunately for Frankie that resulted in his own death.

    Thankfully, No one else was killed.
    Like an instant bystander, or a person
    at the wrong place at the wrong time.

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