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    NY - Rapist Became Foster Parent


    WATERTOWN, N.Y. Authorities are investigating how a convicted rapist was allowed to serve as a foster parent to as many as 50 children before his past was discovered.

    State laws prohibit all convicted felons, particularly those convicted of sex crimes (search) or crimes of violence, from being foster parents (search) or adopting children, except in rare instances.

    But Nicholas Chaney (search) told WWNY-TV in Watertown Tuesday that he may have cared for as many as 50 foster children since late 2001 and even adopted a child while living in upstate New York. Chaney said he listed his felony sex crime conviction on his foster parent application form when he signed up in November 2001.

    According to authorities in Oregon and Washington state, Chaney was convicted in 1989 of two counts of third-degree rape. Chaney told the television station he had been convicted of having sex with a 16-year-old girl.

    WOW...the sex offender registry REALLY works...NOT!

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    "Chaney said he listed his felony sex crime conviction on his foster parent application form when he signed up in November 2001."
    He listed it, but obviously nobody read it!


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    As a former social worker(as well as a former foster child) this happens more than you think.
    The state is so desperate for foster parents that workers will tell applicants how to lie or what to say,change or forge or"lose" documents or papers and "overlook" many ,many,many red flags or obvious violations.

    IMO maybe 2 out of 10 homes is a suitable,healthy enviroment(and Im being generous).

    Kind,clean,responisble foster families are needed in every state and since educated,mature,stable people arent breaking down the doors of family services to become foster parents the state takes what they can get...........(When I was in foster care one of my placings was with a family who had lost custody of their own kids years ago yet were allowed to foster because it was a different state!!!!)
    The saints are the sinners who keep trying...

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    Ya know, what really gets me is that we are supposed to assume that the sex offender is honest enough to register and stay away from children. We are supposed to just stick out heads in the ground and hope that these people are going to suddenly be honest, upright citizens. You know this guy knew he was not supposed to be a foster parent. I just feel...

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    I'm not saying any of this is right, but I couldn't find the guy's age. What if in 1989 he was 19 years old and the parents of a 16 year old girl that he was seeing pressed charges. Again, not that it's right, I'm just saying there isn't enough info here.

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