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    Canada - Jeffrey Boucher, 52, Whitby ON, 13 Jan 2014 - #8

    Jeffrey Boucher

    Jeffrey Boucher is a 52 year old teacher at Bowmanville High School and an avid runner who has gone missing. He was last seen on Monday morning January, 13th, 2014 to go on a run. He never returned home. Normally, Boucher's daily runs go on for about 10 kilometers (6.2 miles), but he does not keep to the same route. When he failed to return home, his wife contacted authorities, and a search was then ensued. Boucher is a white male, 6', he weighs 180 lbs, he has graying brown hair with brown eyes.

    Please contact the Durham regional police at 1-888-579-1520.


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    JB came to bed 11:20 (KB earlier said 11:10); K9 unit arrived Monday or Tuesday approx. 2:00 pm; BB out for about 1/2 hour and back before LE arrived; shoe was not frozen but wet when picked up; DNA is fast-tracked and should take approx 3 weeks; Mar 16 J-Man / B-Man graffiti on lighthouse at Whitby Pier; JB’s computer still not returned; mirror image done of KB’s computer; automatic garage door locks when closed; search at waterfront Jan 24; BB phone call to KaB was not made; Esther’s sighting possibly approx 6:00 am; KB checked the Whitburn storm pond Jan 13 in the afternoon; Mar 19 KB and PI visited neighbour re witnessing JB approx. 6:30 to 6:45am, dark shorts, running up Maple Edge; Jan 14 Mr. Crocker’s physical description of jogger on McQuay; March 25 KB spoke with Principal; March 29 OVERT search at Whitby waterfront and WSrs out searching; payphone at Dundas W. Petrocan; March 29 second shoe found; body believed to be Jeffrey found this afternoon


    Nov 2013 sometime this month JB had surgery for receding gums; his BHS teacher page has entry on Nov 8 “On-call dentist”; he didn’t take Motrin after the 3rd day

    Nov-14 Drug bust after sweep at Whitby high schools

    Dec Ski trip to Mount St. Louis this month

    Dec-13 another drug bust in Whitby;

    Dec-20 JB and BB left for Collingwood

    Dec-22 Pizza Hut, Collingwood, 29.81 VISA transaction

    Dec-22 Loblaws, Collingwood, 68.72 VISA transaction

    Dec-23 Esso, Collingwood 26.77 VISA transaction

    Dec-24 Walmart Supercenter, Collingwood 19.83 VISA transaction

    Dec-24 Loblaws, Collingwood 21.17 VISA transaction

    Dec-25 KB and K left for Cuba

    Dec-26 Esso, Collingwood 24.41 VISA transaction

    Dec-27 East Side Marios, Collingwood (JB and BB) 32.36 VISA transaction

    Dec-31 Esso, Collingwood 30.92 VISA transaction


    Jan-01 KB and K returned to Whitby from Cuba

    Jan-02 Walmart Supercenter, Collingwood 36.81 VISA transaction

    Jan-05 Refuel at No Frills, Angus 37.14 VISA transaction

    Jan-05 JB and BB returned to Whitby from Collingwood

    Jan-06 First day of school after Christmas break. It was a "Snow Day" but JB went to work.

    Jan-06 Petrocan, Whitby 16.97 VISA transaction

    Jan-07 regular classes resumed after Jan 6 Snow Day

    Jan-07 Ontario Hyundai, 4.50 VISA transaction (oil changes free except for environmental tax?)

    Jan-07 Real Canadian Superstore 9.46 VISA transaction

    Jan-08 Great Clips 15.56 VISA transaction

    Jan-08 JB got haircut at Great Clips, (usual place/usual frequency); also recently got new glasses due to 24 month benefit period;

    Jan-09 Petrocan-1006 Brock St S., Whitby 34.92 VISA transaction

    Jan-09 to Jan-15 No entries made in JB's course outline for his Entrepreneur course. All other dates are filled and it's unclear if JB left these blank, if he removed any actual entries, or if they were removed by someone else for some reason. KB thinks they must have been doing an end of term assignment

    Jan-10 Petrocan-3930 Brock St N., Whitby 11.04 VISA transaction

    Jan-10 Real Canadian Superstore, Whitby 8.04 VISA transaction (addy is 200 Taunton Rd, Whitby)

    Jan-10 A sum of money was found in JB's file cabinet at work on this date. KB says the money was in a malfunctioning file cabinet which was opened by the caretaker while JB was out of the classroom. JB did not tell KB about the incident.

    Jan-11 Jeff did not run Saturday morning

    Jan-11 5:00 AM JB and BB left in the car (Hyundai) to drive to Blue Mountain where they are both ski instructors; at times they taught near each other; they probably saw each other about 3 times a day. They spent the evening and night at JB's parents' chalet which is about 35km from Collingwood

    Jan-12 Jeff did not run Sunday morning

    Jan-12 AM KB went to church;

    Jan-12 PM KB says she went shopping Sunday afternoon and arranged the new food in the fridge that afternoon, and does not recall moving a lunch bag

    Jan-12 3:30 PM KB says that BB called approx 3:30 to 4:00 PM to say she and JB were leaving Blue Mountain to return home to Whitby

    Jan-12 4:00 PM Approx time that JB and BB would have left Blue Mountain to arrive home in Whitby at 6:30 PM. KB advised that on the way back home, JB asked BB to call KaB to ask about her new professors. (Later clarified March 21 that this call did not occur for some reason.)

    Jan-12 Petrocan-1755 Dundas St. Whitby, 34.44 VISA transaction. KB says BB called on her cell from from this location to say they were 5 min from home. (Note: this Petrocan has a payphone)

    Jan-12 6:30 PM JB and BB arrived home in Whitby from Blue Mountain; approx 2.5 hour drive (this would put them having left Blue Mountain approx 4:00 pm). KB says at supper, JB mentioned to BB to call KaB but KB had already talked to KaB and shared this info.

    Jan-12 6:45 to 7:15PM KB says she believes JB was on his computer for a short time between about 6:45 and 7:15

    Jan-12 7:00 PM Approx time, KB was watching TV and JB was in dining room on his laptop. They sat together for a bit on the couch discussing the houses for sale that KB had researched in Collingwood, and then they went on the computer together to look at the potential houses, to get an idea of what their 'dream house' might look like when they did move up to Collingwood. JB asked KB to email him the links to the place they currently liked best. KB says she emailed JB the Collingwood cottage listings to JB at 8:21 pm.

    Jan-12 7:20 PM This is the time KB believes the email from the Principal was sent; she thinks JB was just getting off his laptop around this time; the email was asking JB to stop by the Principal’s office before lunch on Monday, again saying not to worry. The Principal says this email was never read by Jeff.

    Jan-12 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM BB was tutoring a student at the dining room table; KB says the students BB tutors are mostly referrals from her guidance department at school, 1 student KB suggested, and 1 neighbour. KB still does not know which student BB was tutoring but it was not the one KB suggested or the neighbour. All KB knows is that student lives by Sinclair Secondary School; KB says LE has never answered the questions she has asked them wrt this student and KB is not comfortable asking BB questions regarding JB’s disappearance; KB says student was definitely gone by the time BB went to look for JB

    Jan-12 8:21 PM KB advises she sent JB the emails re houses at 8:21 pm as he walked out of the office upstairs

    Jan-12 8:30 PM MB called the house to speak with BB. KB was upstairs on the computer and picked up the phone and called to JB downstairs that his mom was on the phone; JB told MB that BB couldn't come to phone as she was tutoring; he also said he was preparing for upcoming student exams. MB says JB normally went to bed at 10:00 pm; KB advises they normally went to bed between 10:30 and 11:00 pm and that JB would not wake up until 5:00 am

    Jan-12 8:50 PM JB gives KB kiss on cheek and says he's going for a run because it's such a nice night. KB warns him about icy sidewalks and advises other runners are running on the roads.

    Jan-12 9:05 PM MB states she called BB (this would be in addition to her call at 8:30 when she spoke with JB). KB doesn’t recall MB calling back and thinks BB was supposed to call MB back re MB having found USB charger under the bed.

    Jan-12 9:00 PM KB says that BB is sure JB left through the garage door before 9:00 pm

    Jan-12 9:05 PM Student left and, according to KB, was picked up by a parent (KB has been unable to verify whether "parent" or otherwise has been verified by LE).

    Jan-12 9:05 PM After student left, KB doesn’t know what BB was doing but KB stayed on the computer for a bit, watched TV, and wondered where JB was by 10:15.

    Jan-12 10:30 PM KB says she and JB always go into the hot tub at 10:15 prior to bedtime between 10:30 and 11:00 PM. KB went to lie down and BB says she will take the van and go look for JB. KB says she was not outside at all on Sunday night.

    Jan-12 10:34 PM BB tweets her dad "went running 3 hours ago and he isn't home yet. Anyone seen a 50 year old man lying on a sidewalk?" (Tweet was deleted, possibly Monday, because BB said "it was irrelevant" and "people were asking a lot of questions); temp about 2C, clear, and light rain was forecast for the following day.

    Jan-12 10:38 PM BB left in the van to look for her Dad. KB says she knows this because she had looked at the alarm by the bed. BB drove around some streets looking, then on her way home as she was driving north on Whitburn, she decided to go see a friend on Woodhaven. This is when she saw JB running. BB never visited the friend.

    Jan-12 10:50 PM BB returned home and said JB was located running about 200m from home (later changed to 900m); KB says JB was just crossing over from Cochrane Street to Briargreen Court as BB was driving along Woodhaven Cres. BB had a chat with JB through the van window; KB says there was a witness who was walking a dog and heard convo between JB/BB; KB says that witness has been interviewed by LE; BB said JB "was completely normal” when he got home that night. She says he didn’t go back out again and she was up late and would have noticed. There was almost a full moon; Environment Canada historical weather data for Oshawa Jan 12 shows 2.3C to 3.0C, precip. 0, snow accumulation 3cm.

    Jan-12 10:55 PM Approx time JB arrived home, apparently having run up to Heber Down and back. His favorite places are Heber Down and Cullen Park

    Jan-12 10:55 to 11:10 PM KB says JB would have gone in hot tub (no swimsuit); she says JB knows she wouldn’t like him to come to bed sweaty

    Jan-12 11:10 PM JB came to bed (later changed to 11:20). KB was in bed almost asleep. He woke her to tell her about the nice weather; he was asleep in a few minutes but KB couldn't get back to sleep. KB says when she got up to take 1/2 Sleepeze at 1:00 am, Jeff was definitely in bed, sleeping. KB says she only had 1 or 2 Sleepeze left and that, other than Advil and the Motrin for his gums, there were no other meds in the house. JB was against taking pills, even refusing vitamins

    Jan-13 1:00 AM KB took a Sleepeze or 1/2 a Sleepeze. She heard BB downstairs and said BB was up until about 1:00 am or 1:30 am

    Jan-13 3:30 AM KB says that LE advised her the plows were out at this hour

    Jan-13 5:00 AM or 5:30 to 6:00 JB normally wakes up automatically at this time without an alarm clock

    Note: JB’s morning routine as advised by KB

    Go down to his bathroom, and take out his mouth guard (which is there), eat a banana, get ready for run. JB normally changes in the laundry room which is attached to the garage, then goes out through the garage. After his run, he would arrive back home about 6:50 am, drink water, have shower, go to kitchen in underwear, eat toast with a ton of peanut butter, warm up his spoon-sized shredded wheat with hot water, add milk, eat. Come upstairs to get his ironed shirt from the closet, kiss me goodbye in bed (this happens at 7:10-7:20), goes back downstairs, puts his long pants and shoes on and leaves.

    Note: Exit/entry doors and locks as advised by KB

    The overhead garage door locks automatically when closed. There is a button to open it from the inside, and a person can quickly run out before it closes and locks behind them. There is a side door to the garage which JB would sometimes leave unlocked and he would re-enter through that door. KB says that the morning of JB’s disappearance, the side garage door was locked. Had JB returned, he would have had to enter through the front door to the house. The front door of the house has keyless entry (number keypad). When leaving the house, you just press the lock button on the pad.

    Jan-13 5:15 to 5:20 AM Approx time JS said he almost backed into a jogger as he was backing out on his street. JS saw the back of the jogger who was wearing all black and fit JB’s height and build. He said he had reported this info to LE (unknown when). JS posted this info to KB on the Missing JB page Feb 14. KB says JS goes to their church, and that JS said the jogger was running east on Bourbon Place.

    Jan-13 5:30 AM KB says that LE advised her plows were also out at this hour and that the drivers were interviewed by LE. Today is also recycling pickup north of Taunton.

    Jan-13 Time unknown (possibly approx. 6:00 am), Esther thinks she saw JB running northbound on Brock Rd early Monday morning when she was driving south on Brock St., south of Taunton Rd. It was still dark and Esther was startled when the man in dark clothing suddenly appeared on the road. She said she could only see his white face.

    Jan-13 5:32 AM cctv video shows jogger who appears to be running in the direction of Gilchrist Court. KB and BB viewed video and say it is not JB.

    Jan-13 6:00 AM The time JB would normally go for his morning run, but nobody saw him leave. No cereal bowl or indication he ate breakfast, and compost was not checked for banana peel. KB says he didn't kiss her goodbye. It is believed he was wearing his wedding band, wire silver framed glasses (wire on top, no wire on bottom), a navy blue or black Mountain Equipment Co-op running suit; small MP3 pinned to his shirt/jacket; no Nike chip in shoes, no hat, no gloves, no water bottle or sweat band; KB initially advised that both vehicles were in the driveway, but later said JB’s car was in the garage overnite (the van in the driveway); his keys and wallet found at home (KB advises she and JB have never owned cell phones); his passport is at home. It is unknown for sure which shoes he was wearing but KB advises shoe size is mens 11 and she guesses they may be an older, slightly roughed up pair of Asics, dark colour uppers maybe with orange on the sides. The regular Timex watch he normally wore while running was found at home in his work shoe by KB; KB says his mouthguard was in its case in his downstairs bathroom and was dry by Monday nite when she checked; JB is said to run 10-15 km (2005 record shows 10km in 43 mins); historical weather data shows Jan 13 as 2.3C to 6.0C, precip .6 cm, snow accumulation 2cm. Locals say weather was clear, no fog.

    Jan-13 6:30 AM – 6:45 AM neighbour was picking up their paper from front porch and saID they saw JB running up Maple Edge. He was way up Maple Edge from Gilchrist, and was wearing dark shorts. Neighbour said they recognized his gait.

    Jan-13 7:15 AM KB woke up. KB says BB was still in her room but got up a few minutes later

    Jan-13 7:15 AM BB got up around this time

    Jan-13 7:30 AM BB said she was eating breakfast when KB came in and asked if she’d seen JB

    Jan-13 7:30 AM KB and BB notice JB is not home yet.

    Jan-13 7:48 AM Sunrise in Whitby, ON

    Jan-13 8:00 AM Approx time KB saw the car in the garage when she checked to see if JB’s bikes were there

    Jan-13 8:00 AM KB says she called JB’s school

    Jan-13 8:00 AM Prior to KB calling her own school, BB had left in car (later clarified to be the van) to search around block/neighbourhood. KB says BB was out with the van for about 1/2 hour. KB didn't want BB to stay out too long as KB wanted to go with her to the park. KB says BB was back before the first two LE arrived.

    Jan-13 8:00 AM Approx time KB says she called her own school

    Jan-13 8:20 AM Approx 8:20 to 8:30 KB advises she was outside at this time talking to their neighbour (a paramedic) who was at his car. KB asked him what she should do first – phone hospitals, police/911. The neighbour then phoned a couple of paramedic stations to see if there were reports of a hurt runner. He then told KB to call police and then check out hospitals. KB recalls that as she was speaking with the neighbour, BB was still out and came back before 9:00 am after which it was decided she and BB would check Cullen Park and Heber Down.

    Jan-13 8:30 AM KB advised and early MSM reports are that DRPS received a call to report JB missing at 8:30. KB said an officer arrived right away; LE took JB's laptop (still not returned as at March 26) and had a look at KB's computer which JB sometimes used. LE took a mirror image of KB’s computer. They were able to access JB's Hotmail account because the family knew the password. KB says her email to JB regarding the Collingwood houses was unread. KB advises both vehicles were searched but no forensics done because not criminal investigation; K9s brought to the residence today but unable to get a good track.

    Jan-13 9:00 AM KB says BB was back home by this time after having searched for JB around the neighbourhood

    Jan-13 9:00 to 11:30 AM KB and BB searched trails through Heber Down (later changed to include Cullen Park, but said not neighbourhood). Says she and BB came home and crashed after searching.

    Jan-13 10:30 am Around this time, Alvin Crocker noticed a man who appeared to be in his 50s running southbound along McQuay Blvd. “He was going very slow for a jog”, and he assumed the man was coming to the end of his run. Mr. Crocker reported this information to LE (unknown when).

    Jan-13 12:00 Around noon LE informed KB about the Friday incident re the money in JB’s file cabinet

    Jan-13 12:00 KB says that after lunch she moved JB’s car from the garage to the driveway and LE questioned her about it / searched it; KB said they emptied JB’s lunchbox this afternoon (later changed to being seen Monday but emptied Weds, Jan 15)

    Jan-13 2:00 PM KB can’t recall if it was Monday or Tuesday the K9 unit arrived around 2:00 pm

    Jan-13 PM Time unknown, KB says she checked the Whitburn storm pond this afternoon and there were no footprints going to it.

    Jan-13 PM March 17 KB advises that she now believes BB went with neighbours to the waterfront the afternoon of Jan 13 but doesn’t know how many of the family went, but thinks there were at least 3

    Jan-13 PM KB contacted Principal who advised that on Friday Jeff was told they would have to discuss protocol re money, 'it is no big deal', 'not to worry about it', she would talk to him Monday.

    Jan-13 KB says it late Monday when she found the mouthguard was dry

    Jan-14 Esther reports her Monday morning sighting to LE's command post

    Jan-14 video with interview of Mr. Crocker; he describes a man in his 50s, about 6'2'' and lanky and was running very slowly southbound on the road on McQuay

    Jan-14 Recycling day for Gilchrist Court neighbourhood

    Jan-14 BB tweets to her Dad that she misses him

    Jan-14 Air, ground, canine searches commenced of trails and wooded areas near his home and within a 25 mile radius

    Jan-15 In a media interview on this date, BB said when JB came home from his run Sunday night “he got ready for school the next day”; KB says JB’s sister visited today and saw JB's lunch in the fridge; KB emptied lunchbox

    Jan-19 BB tweets to her Dad "I love you dad, always living your life to the fullest. Nobody else enjoys nature as much as you, I hope you're safe."

    Jan-20 LE says they have not ruled out any possibilities, including foul play

    Jan-24 LE searched at Whitby waterfront

    Feb-03 LE say the possibility that JB fell and injured himself is becoming "less realistic" because he would have been found by now. Bank accounts and internet profiles have yielded no clues.

    Feb-03 Underwater search by TPS Marine Unit off Whitby Harbor pier of Lake Ontario started/concluded today without results

    Feb-03 Approx date LE state they are not ruling out a number of possibilities, including suicide or that JB may have run away.

    Feb-04 was scheduled date for follow-up appt with dentist

    Feb-12 Last time LE spoke with KB, no response to her subsequent emails or phone calls

    Feb-26 KB says she spoke with LE on this date but did not receive answers to some of the latest questions she had emailed them with. KB says she will now be keeping a list.

    Mar-6 Production company approached KB; they had hired a PI to study the case and were wanting to do a documentary wrt missing persons

    Mar-10 March break starts for schools. KB told production company she thinks she is interested

    Mar-10 KB advises she spent 1 hour with LE on phone discussing various things; LE advised they will put investigative effort into all ideas that they find of investigative value but some theories at WS are not being pursued; KB says this means we will not get answers/details to certain aspects (this includes the student on Sunday night and JBs filing cabinet money). KB says she will have more information on search locations/maps by the end of this week

    Mar-11 KB gave go-ahead to production company

    Mar-11 shoe found on Lake Ontario shoreline by person walking near Heydenshore Pavilion; shoe was wet but not frozen

    Mar-13 KB is told by LE about the shoe, shown a picture, and she is sure it is JB’s. KB says it is not an Asic, but a Nike shoe (model not revealed) with lacelocks and provided WS a sample photo of black, rounded lacelocks. KB advises that LE found what is believed to be a matching shoebox at the residence.

    Mar-14 KB met with LE and spoke with media at lakefront.

    Mar-14 6:00 PM Helicopter search over Whitby lakefront

    Mar-16 WSer andreww photographed J-Man / B-Man graffiti found on lighthouse at Whitby Pier

    Mar-17 LE search at Whitby waterfront; MSM reports that LE says the shoe found last week appears to have come from water and washed ashore and that it was found about 10’ feet from the water. LE says they plan to bring in a Toronto Police Marine Unit boat to search but ice is a problem right now.

    Mar-17 KB advised that BB and other went to waterfront afternoon of Jan 13. Noted in above under date of Jan 13

    Mar-19 KB advises that she and a PI visited a neighbour today (SE corner Maple Edge and Gilchrist) who told them that on Jan 13 between 6:30 to 6:45am they saw JB running up Maple Edge as the neighbour was picking up their paper from the front porch and that JB was wearing dark shorts and was about way up Maple Edge from Gilchrist; LE never mentioned this witness to KBs

    Mar-21 KB advised that BB>KaB phone call did not take place during car ride home from Blue Mountain; was discussed at supper but KB had talked with KaB and shared info

    Mar-22 KB advised DNA is fast-tracked and should take approx. 3 weeks

    Mar-25 KB talked to Principal who advised matter was turned over to HR because of confusion over the money situation; JB was supposed to explain the rest of the money details on Monday and give her any more paperwork he had for it. Principal said JB's work record was fine, all evaluations were good. KB is still waiting for the HR superintendent to get back to her with additional info

    Mar-29 OVERT search at Whitby waterfront; WSrs also out searching today.

    Mar-29 11:00 AM approx time MSM reports that a second shoe, believed to belong to JB, was found a couple of hundred yards from where the first one was found on March 11.

    Mar-29 2:20 PM approx time, a man walking his dog found what is believed to be the body of Jeffrey Boucher on the shoreline of Lake Ontario near Thickson Rd S and Crystal Beach Blvd. The coroner is on scene, and COD and MOD yet to be determined.
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    Canada - ON - Jeffrey Boucher, 52, Whitby, 13 Jan 2014 - #8

    Quote Originally Posted by Archangel7 View Post
    Actually it was posted in reply to Alice Ramnit's post about the unlikeliness/unbelief that any sign of JB has been found. It was to show how easy life can slip away and how hard it is to find someone.

    I do know many times when one "vanishes" they are truly where we can't see them in our normal routine. Sometimes this is due to misadventure that places them below water or snow, etc. as in my link. Sometimes it is due to nefarious reasons either on their part or by the hand of another.

    The trick is to determine which by determining the why. I have found nothing to rule out anything with any certainty.

    ETA I am aware of dress rehearsals prior to suicides, however I have seen "impulsive" suicides also.
    I have seen people caught by police, then released on "bail" and commit suicide.
    Thank you, Archangel, very much appreciate your expertise, as well as your forthright assessment of this case. BTW, regarding the "impulsive" suicide angle, I have been reading up on that and am extremely saddened by this phenomenon. Though I have a psychology background and have worked on a suicide hotline as one of my internships, this is something I was never exposed to. Keeping in mind that this was 25 years ago. :/ Yes, I'm a dinosaur, lol.

    So, apparently, according to the research, there are some specific personality characteristics found in those who commit these acts of "impulsive suicide". Not that it makes it any easier for me to accept. I initially rejected the idea of Jeffrey being one to be a suicidal type personality by what I had learned about him, i.e., no reported history of depression or mental illness, his physically active life style, etc., as well as what MB had conveyed in her posts here. But in spite of all that, it seems that it might be an unfortunately sad and possible reality. And there's the fact that none of us here really know Jeffrey. Oh, and btw, that's what I am going to call him from now on, by his name, Jeffrey. To me, it takes away from his identity to just use his initials. But that's just me.

    Anyway, it was for this reason I asked MB if Jeffrey had a tendency to be impulsive, but I don't recall ever getting a reply. I'll have to go back and check to be sure. Thanks again. JMO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lexiintoronto View Post
    Photos and quotes from the JB FB missing page.

    He was likely wearing a small MP3 player pinned to his jacket with a safety pin.
    Such a handsome man, kind of reminds me of Richard Gere. Where is he ?

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    A bad fall on ice very possible

    I came back late from working in a nearby village at 11 pm on Thursday night. Previous to that, I had been in the city, so I thought that our dog Lucky should have a walk. We were walking cautiously down towards the lake. I went to turn the corner, and my foot landed on very slippery ice, the kind that builds up in ridges. I fell back very hard and landed on my left shoulder. I saw stars. Right away, I thought of JB and how anyone can fall on ice with disasterous consequences.

    We have had a lot of wind this year, and it packed the snow, so the resultant slow melt has made everything slippery. I am very good on ice as I curl every week in winter, but this ice caught me unaware.

    I hope that everyone keeps safe out there in the search and watch where you step. I will be thinking of you all back here in Saskatchewan, wishing that I was closer so I could help.

    My prayers will be with you all.

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    State of Being
    Will be posting a revised timeline when the new thread starts soon.

    Another poster (sorry I can't recall who) suggested that bolding the revisions would be helpful. I agree and would like to be able to do that BUT ...

    I revise the document in Word, and when it's time to post it, the Word formatting doesn't show up in the WS post. Unfortunately, I don't always have time to go through it all again to pick out revisions and redo it with WS formatting.

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    Good Luck with your searching endeavours tomorrow folks. Stay safe !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by neesaki View Post
    Such a handsome man, kind of reminds me of Richard Gere. Where is he ?
    That's funny it was just in the last couple days looking at his pictures that I thought, he kind of looks like Richard Gere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rosesfromangels View Post
    Tall thin dudes with gray hair and wire frames all look like JB right about now....just sayin'.
    That's the truth, right there! I'm halfway across the world and I did a double take when I saw a man in a shop yesterday that looked exactly like him.

    I had a random thought this morning. I was woken up at around 2am when my boyfriend got home from his friend's and despite wanting to get back to sleep I could tell he was bursting to tell me some things from his night out, so we ended up chatting for a bit. I just hope during the 'shoulder patting' moment there wasn't something that JB really wanted to get off his chest. I know that doesn't really fit in with going straight to sleep afterwards, but if he had been running a long time I suppose he could've been worn out. Just a thought I had in the early hours, as I was so tempted just to go back to sleep and ignore what the other half was babbling on about.

    Good luck to all of the searchers, stay safe and I hope you have success.

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    Are there any pay phones in the area?
    Could they retrieve any numbers that were called Sunday night?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eileen730 View Post
    Are there any pay phones in the area?
    Could they retrieve any numbers that were called Sunday night?
    Not really. I haven't seen a pay phone in whitby for years! That's not to say there are none, but if there are any, as a local I don't know where they are off the top of my head. Odds are, JB didn't know either. Further when we had them, we couldn't receive calls on them. You could only dial out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alice Ramnit View Post
    Let's face it there has not been a SINGLE conclusive, definitive sighting of JB.
    I give the neighbour the strongest credibility because she was familiar to him prior to whatever event has hapenned.

    It continues to BOGGLE my mind that the man could have galloped all over his neighbourhood and NOT A SINGLE SOUL can provide a security camera shot, a definite description, or say that they passed him on their own run.

    Just another piece of the puzzle that just doesn't seem to fit. SIGH!
    JB seemed (from what we know) to have flown under the radar.

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    Well If there was a pay phone maybe he called someone!
    Called someone to pick him up in the morning at a certain place!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eileen730 View Post
    Well If there was a pay phone maybe he called someone!
    Called someone to pick him up in the morning at a certain place!
    I would truly be shocked if there isn't the odd phone booth still standing/functioning in the parks/picnic/recreation/parking areas along the lakeshore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tarabull View Post
    I would truly be shocked if there isn't the odd phone booth still standing/functioning in the parks/picnic/recreation/parking areas along the lakeshore.
    I would think there would have to be a phone! Maybe that pavilion where the shoe was found? Were there restrooms there?

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