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    MD - Mall Stabbing, Rockville, 2005

    Woman released from prison injures two in stabbing rampage at Md. mall

    ROCKVILLE, Md. (AP) — A woman just out of prison stabbed two shoppers in an upscale department store before an off-duty FBI agent arrested her, authorities said. The woman's arsenal allegedly included two butcher knives taped together to form a double-bladed weapon.

    One of the women Antoinette Starks is accused of injuring in the apparently random attacks Wednesday night was released from a hospital Thursday, while the other was in stable condition, police said. One victim was stabbed eight times in the back.

    The stabbings took place in the Westfield Shoppingtown mall. According to court papers, Starks attacked one woman in the shoe department of the Nordstrom department store, another on the escalator, and chased a third woman who escaped.

    The attack was broken up when an off-duty FBI agent drew his gun and ordered Starks to drop the two taped-together knives. She complied and the agent arrested her. Two more knives were found in the store where Starks allegedly dropped them.

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    I saw this on the news. It's just scary these days....people are nuts.

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