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    MT-Man charged for attempted kidnapping of Lockwood teen

    McFerran stalked this girl, going to her house the previous morning. Thankfully, she is safe and he is behind bars.

    BILLINGS - A 36-year-old man accused of breaking into a Lockwood residence and trying to abduct a 13-year-old girl was charged Monday in Yellowstone County Justice Court.

    Lester Harley McFerran appeared before Judge David Carter by video from the county jail on felony charges of burglary and attempted kidnapping. Bond was set at $200,000.

    Carter set the bond after citing McFerran's past criminal behavior, which includes a misdemeanor offense of indecent exposure, and his risk to public safety.


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    Wow. Lucky girl. Wonder why she was sleeping with a pocketknife under her pillow? Smart and brave girl.

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    Ugh. Things like exhibitionism and peeping tom behavior seem to escalate way too often than not. What is wrong with these people?
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