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    FL - Michael Carreiro, 47, shot to death by Gainesville neighbor, 31 March 2014

    I think the backstory to this shooting is going to be interesting. Neighbors of 10 years have apparently been arguing for years. What caused one to go over the edge?

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    Smith walked closer to Carreiro and paused for a moment. Then, he fired two more shots into Carreiro's back, the report said.
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    He can not claim self defense when shooting the man 12 times and then 2 more after he was down.This was rage. Wonder if there was a witness to what Smith is saying.It is a shame nobody saw this coming after 10 years of quarrelling and tried to resolve their issues.Maybe they did but neither wanted to be the bigger man and back down or compromise.

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    From August 2015:


    Records show Smith filed an injuction for protection against Carreiro in 2013 - a judge denied citing there was not enough evidence.

    Another complaint was filed by Smith, claimed Carreiro had slashed eight of his tires. No charges were ever filed.

    With all the evidence in hand, a grand jury delivered a true bill for Smith's indictment.

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