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    Canada - Elizabeth Barrer, 32, fugitive from U.S., slain in Montreal, 19 Mar 2014

    The woman found shot dead in an SUV parked near the St. Pierre interchange in Lachine on March 19, has finally been identified. Turns out, she was a fugitive from the U.S.

    Elizabeth Barrer was considered a “queen-pin” of drug trafficking from Virginia, selling marijuana in the U.S. that was purchased from Canada and the Ukraine.

    U.S. Marshals caught her in 2007 because she used the social media platform Myspace to chat about the transactions.

    Montreal Police needed her fingerprints to identify her.

    “It took a week before we were in a position to identify her in a positive way because she didn't have a positive ID on her,” Constable Raphael Bergeron said.

    Police suspect her murder is linked to drug trafficking, but they don't know what she was doing in Montreal or how she was connected to her murderer.

    The case is under investigation and the killer is still on the loose.

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    Montreal police are not saying the woman is Barrer, but did confirm that the shooting is likely related to drug trafficking and they are collaborating with detectives in the U.S

    The America’s Most Wanted website described Barrer as an “accused drug kingpin." U.S. marshals had been after her on charges related to the illegal drug trade, according to the site.

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    "Yes, I can confirm that it (the body found in Lachine) is the same person we had opened an investigation on" in 2007, captain Jeff Pearce of the Spotsylvania County Sheriff's Office said on Friday, when asked whether he could confirm the body found in Lachine on March 19 is Barrer.

    "We are collaborating with Canadian authorities and the U.S. Marshals Service, but we are not releasing any additional information," he said.

    He confirmed that Barrer was wanted on narcotics-related charges and that the case is being handled by the county's special investigations unit.
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