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    Just started thread for this woman from Montreal who went missing in Halifax and is still missing.
    Leslie Anne Katnick,26, Montrealer missing in Halifax, Nov 1 1991

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    Missing from the accounts I read was any acknowledgment Halifax police had a suspect in the King murder — along with several other unsolved crimes — but botched it.

    During a 1997 re-investigation of the 1989 disappearance of another young woman, Kimberly McAndrew — her case also still unsolved — police identified a former Halifax sex offender as a prime suspect.

    During a sex-offender treatment program, the man, Andrew Paul Johnson, had written an essay about a sexual assault from the point of view of the victim. Johnson’s essay was a chilling account of McAndrew’s rape and murder.

    Rummaging through Johnson’s life and times, police found evidence linking him to King’s disappearance too, including her compact.

    At the time, DNA testing wasn’t sophisticated enough to positively connect the murder dots from Johnson to McAndrew or King, and police themselves lost interest after a B.C. court declared Johnson a dangerous offender in 2001.

    Three years later, then-detective Tom Martin — who would run for mayor in 2012 — joined the force’s cold-case squad and asked for a piece of DNA evidence he knew the task force had collected. He hoped testing advances might lead to the breakthrough investigators needed.

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    The Kimberly McAndrew case has always haunted me!

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    The Canadian Chronicle Herald wrote, "In February, Johnson was assessed as a moderate risk for violent sexual reoffending." The ridiculously high recidivism rate for sexual predation does not jibe easily with the word "moderate".

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