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    Just saw the ID show about this. So disturbing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Linz1183 View Post
    1. Everyone seems to think it was a short time from "dropping Terrance off" to going back to his car and not enough time to kill and possibly dispose of his body, but what if he had some how gotten him into his trunk?

    2. Is it possible that the reason why these two cases were documented was only because there were eye witnesses, and possible in previous unknown cases, there were no eye witnesses, therefor no need for documentation.

    3. Why weren't all of this man's previous documented interactions with civilians investigated?

    Sad these two families will probably never get answers and this man will go on and live a normal life. Even more sad is that they found obvious reasons as to why these men may "want" to disappear and those reasons could possibly cause enough reasonable doubt to never get a conviction.
    I agree with #2. I'm sure there are more, we just don't have any witnesses.

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    Who watches the watchmen?

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    Or he just knows the police can typically get away with a lot in the right circumstances. For me the fact there has been a 100k reward out there that remains unclaimed means that this all starts and ends with 1 person or people that have a lot to lose if anything comes out. You say he did nothing to cover his tracks however the phone calls, moving his Farsi it would be towed and te lying all says different.

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