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    HI - Astara Evenstar, 15, Haiku-Pauwela, 10 Jan 2004


    Interesting. You would think that she would of occurred an accidental death, but her parents suspect foul play however. JMO and

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    Maybe the parents suspect one of her friends camping with her...It's weird though.

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    It looks like an accidental death to me, too...but, I can understand why her parents(or whoever else) might feel suspicious.

    If she was my child, and I was told the same version of events that her friends gave to the authorities, I'd think it was almost too "perfect" of a scenario to not have another side to it.

    It would be like coming home to a broken cookie jar, and being told by your five year old that it fell off the counter when he looked away for a moment.
    "Two eyes are not enough, if one desires to accomplish anything." - Marie Bashkirtseff

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    If ya look around there are rumors out there, including rumors of connections with other missing people, and claiming corruption. I hope that's the right balance of detail and not saying too much because they are rumors? I wonder if there is any truth to them?

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    I wonder who she was talking to on her cell phone? Wouldn't that person likely have details on how the call ended?

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