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    WV - Pamela Judy, 39, Randolph County, 12 Nov 2009

    Pamela Judy was found burned to death in her truck on Nov. 12, 2009 in the Mon Forest in Randolph County, West Virginia.

    This is a particularly sad cold case as Ms. Judy was a vibrant young court reporter with a bright future. Also, the WV State Police seem to consider suicide a motive when this seems highly unlikely.

    Below is a link to an article about her case in our local newspaper:


    I did not know Ms. Judy but often think that it seems crazy that the state police could not find evidence on her computer or cell phone regarding whom she was rendezvousing with that day...

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    I wonder if she went in the insurance office, and changed anything? I also wonder what she was investigating at the time. Do you know what kind of articles she tended to write? Sorry for so many questions, but have you heard if she was married or seeing anyone? Thanks!

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    I believe Ms. Judy was single. None of the articles have mentioned a bf or significant other. She was a court reporter and I am not sure what she was working on at the time.

    I live in Elkins, and most of the time if any of us are going into the woods we let someone know where we are going. We leave a trail of breadcrumbs. My theory is that she rendezvoused with someone there who killed her. My theory is that is was a male who was married or had something big to lose if his association with her came out. And, almost no one decides to burn themselves to death as a suicide choice, esp. women.

    This is a murder and my greatest fear is that our bumpkin law enforcement didn't get to her cell phone or computer in time to gather evidence, or didn't think to gather evidence here. It is a very sad case...

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