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    WITNESS THREAD: Capt Mangena, ballistics and Lt Col Van Der Nest, blood spatter

    CAPT CHRISTIAAN MANGENA, ballistics expert

    Day 12, Part 3 - 55:50-end

    Day 13, Part 1 - start-to-end

    LT COL IAN VAN DER NEST, blood spatter expert

    Day 13, Part 2 - 00:20-13:40 and 40:30-1:00:49

    DAY 12 VIDEO

    DAY 13 VIDEO



    Please note: When comparing witnesses' testimony to OP's version - no matter if it is used to support or impeach - please be prepared to note the video # and time stamp if asked to "link it up". That is common courtesy. It's always how we've rolled around here and that is expected. So take notes if you anticipate you will have a point to make regarding something specific.

    The video links will direct you to the post for each day in the Video Thread. Transcript links are provided for reference only, and are not verbatim and/or complete.
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    The DT hired at least 2 ballistics experts. Thomas "Wollie" Wolmarans, if we believe Roger Dixon, seems to have been the bat v. gun/OP v.RS screams "sounds" expert and Jannie Van der Westhuizen seems to be the ballistics/blood spatter expert. IIRC Dixon described both experts and their wives being present for the outside "sound" test.

    Van der Westhuizen's website: http://www.wescoforensics.co.za/spec...ations%20.html

    Tom "Wollie" Wolmarans site: http://www.ballisticforensic.co.za/index.html

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