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    WI - John Moebs, 33, Milwaukee, 5 May 2014

    The brother of John Moebs said he hasn't seen older brother since late Friday night, before he went out to a bar on Water Street.


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    I hope Water Street is just in name, and not actually NEAR the water. I wonder why the John said he may have broken his nose. Fight or something he did while falling down? Hopefully this gets resolved soon!

    ETA: This article has some more information


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    I live in Milwaukee and Water Street is right on the river. We walked the river yesterday to search and police planned to search the river today. Same location as all the other bars prior missing men have disappeared from. Hoping for the best. More info here http://www.jrn.com/tmj4/news/Family-....html?lc=Smart

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    They still haven't found security footage of him leaving Brothers Bar on Water Street, but they did find a recording of his call for a cab. The cab driver claims Moebs was drunk on his way to Brothers. Hopefully there will be more useful information found soon. http://www.620wtmj.com/news/local/Fa...258198881.html

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    Here is the Facebook page the family set up. I thought I once saw a separate forum for these but I can't locate it. I apologize if this is the wrong place to put this link.


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    Quote Originally Posted by LadyofShalott View Post
    I hope Water Street is just in name, and not actually NEAR the water.
    Some background about the area: Here's a map I made that illustrates where Moebs and the prior two men went missing from and where their bodies were found, based on locations reported in online news stories. And, for the bodies, I did unfortunately see the recoveries of the last two because my office overlooked this part of the river. The locations, however, are corroborated by the news.


    The Water St. area is bustling mostly with the under 25 crowd on weekend and holiday nights. There are 2 large universities in the area and 5 or so colleges. Because of this, and because buses stop running here between midnight and 2, depending on the line, there are typically a TON of cabs in front of the establishments on Water Street.

    That said, if for some crazy reason I wanted to walk from one of these fine establishments to any home I've lived in during the past ten years, I would have to cross at least one bridge. I would have to cross 3 to get home now. Thomas Hecht would have had to cross one. Nick Wilcox also would've had to cross one. John Moebs would've had to cross 2-3, depending on which way he walked. The river cuts right through the city, as you can see from the map.

    I hold out hope that he is found elsewhere and is safe. And soon, for the sake of his family.

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    MISSING: John Moebs’ brother feels like he found a lead


    Posted on: 9:00 pm, May 9, 2014,
    by Rachelle Baillon,
    updated on: 09:29pm, May 9, 2014

    MILWAUKEE (WITI) — John Moebs has been missing for nearly a week, but his friends and family aren’t giving up the search yet. In fact, they’re handing out flyers on Water Street Friday night, May 9th.

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    "Friends and family have been coming to the city for the last week in search of missing John Moebs, and on Saturday night, May 10th a community activist is joining the effort."


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    CON/MKE went along to film Moebs's friends when they went to canvass Water St. bar bouncers and patrons this past Friday in search of information about Moebs's disappearance. It's heartbreaking. For anyone who is curious about what Water St. in Milwaukee is like, or what these guys are going through, here you go.

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    Police ID man's body found in lake


    Milwaukee police and West Milwaukee police have confirmed the body pulled from Lake Michigan belongs to John Moebs.
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    RIP John Moebs!

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    Rebecca Moebs says the family received the news from Police the body had been positively identified as her sibling. He was found fully clothed and with his wallet.

    "We haven't been able to accept that he's been missing, we're just in shock and disbelief." She said.

    Investigators haven't said if they believe the man walked to the area or fell in the river and then was carried here. An autopsy is scheduled for Wednesday.

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    The medical examiner has ruled this an accidental drowning. He had his money, cigarettes, wallet, lighter, and keys on him. Everything but his phone. No broken nose or other injuries. Police believe he entered the Milwaukee River at a boardwalk near the 100 block of Jefferson St. and was carried by the current to the lake (very close), then north to the marina where he was found. The water there that day was 58 degrees and he was said to be a good swimmer, but then he'd also been drinking. The family is soliciting donations to help with his cremation and burial on the Facebook page.


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