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    Canada - David Koch, 36, Vancouver BC, 25 May 2005

    David Koch, 36, native of Wisconsin, missing since May 25 on Grouse Mountain, North Vancouver, B.C.

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    It seems fairly clear he fell somewhere, doesn't it?

    Looking at his pictures, it's very hard to believe someone carried him off the mountain against his will.

    He must still be up there somewhere, they just somehow haven't found him.

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    That is an impressive website they have put together in such a short period of time.

    I wonder if they used scent dogs from his car found in the parkinglot?

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    The search has called off....the RCMP thinks there's no where else to look. I have no idea if they've used scent dogs or not. The falling scenario is possible, but would seem more probable (to me at least) to have happened in winter, although a man did disappear on Grouse Mountain and 1996 and has never been found. He could've left on his own accord and "disappeared" somewhere with a girlfriend or something.

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    Body of missing U.S. hiker found near Vancouver

    Tue June 7, 2005 6:43 PM GMT-04:00

    VANCOUVER, British Columbia (Reuters) - The body of a Wisconsin man who mysteriously disappeared last month from a popular mountain hiking area near Vancouver has been found, police said on Tuesday.

    A hiker found the body of David Koch, who was last seen May 25, when he purchased a tram ticket to the top of Grouse Mountain, according to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Grouse Mountain overlooks the West Coast Canadian city of Vancouver and has hiking trails used by thousands of people every year.

    The cause of death was not immediately known, but a rescue official told local reporters the body was found in an area of cliffs, and it appeared that Koch had fallen. The body had to be airlifted from the site.

    A more than week-long search of the rough terrain had failed to locate Koch, who had apparently visited Grouse Mountain while on a business trip to Vancouver.

    Thoughts and prayers to the family and friends of David Koch,
    I am so sorry for your loss.


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    Another tragic end. Even though it doesn't make him alive, I hope this was just an accident. Prayers to those who love and miss David Koch.

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    I'm so sorry to hear that they found David's body today. The original search had been called off, a hiker found him by accident today. It appears as if he'd fallen. It's very sad, but at least there's some closure. My thoughts go out to the Koch family & friends.

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    Theft another blow for widow of Grouse Mountain hiker

    Last Updated Mon, 13 Jun 2005
    CBC News

    Four days after the body of Suzanne Koch's husband was found on a mountain in B.C., a thief broke into her rental car and stole some of his belongings.

    They took David Koch's black leather briefcase and his carry-on bag.

    "The items that were stolen really have no value to anyone except to us in the family," said Suzanne Koch. "They have great sentimental value because they are the last things my husband had touched."

    The thief also took a charcoal-coloured canvas portfolio holding the names and numbers of all the people who helped the Wisconsin woman hunt for her missing husband after he disappeared while hiking in the Grouse Mountain area on May 25.

    The 36-year-old man's body was found two weeks later at the base of a steep bluff .

    "Those were our contacts to all of you guys," Koch said of the lists and business cards she was keeping in the missing portfolio. "And we as family felt very much like we wanted to follow up once we got back home with all our thanks."

    The break-in happened on Saturday evening, while Koch was taking a walk at Vancouver's Granville Island.

    She is hoping the thief will respond to a public appeal for the return of the items, given that they have little monetary value.

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