'This fish tastes like fish': 4-year-olds review high-end restaurants

Kirthana Ramisetti TODAY contributor

17 hours ago

Before dining out, we often seek out Yelp or professional restaurant reviews to tell us if an establishment is worth visiting. But can you trust them? The Bold Italic, a San Francisco-based online magazine, has a unique group of critics who offer especially candid dining reviews: 4-year-old kids.

In its ongoing series, “Four Year Old Reviews Restaurant (With His or Her Face)," kids share their opinions on dishes from some of the Bay Area’s fanciest restaurants. Their unfiltered honesty, smiles and grimaces offer an amusing perspective on high-end dining, with each dish ranked based on the kid reviewer’s expression. The idea stemmed from Bold Italic’s visual producer Jessica Saia’s experience at a Japanese brunch, during which she sat next to a picky eater...