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    Explorer says he found Columbus' ship, the Santa Maria

    Watch for new developments in this story which could be a major archaeological find, the oldest shipwreck in exploration of the New World:

    A shipwreck off northern Haiti may be the remains of Christopher Columbus' flagship vessel the Santa Maria. Barry Clifford, an underwater archaeological explorer, and his crew discovered a tantalizing shipwreck in 2003.

    Nine years later it occurred to Clifford the wreck sat in exactly the spot he reckoned Columbus' flagship, the Santa Maria, had sunk on Christmas Day in 1492, less than three months after Columbus reached the New World for the first time.

    When the team returned to the site, which lies in only 10- 15 feet of water, scavengers had removed the canon & other artifacts. But placement, measurements & ballast stones are in keeping with the SM. Haiti officials said they would guard against further looting until Clifford & The History Channel, which funds his exploration, & other experts can get back there to do more research & hopefully verify the wreckage.





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    Very cool!

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