[I hope I'm not missing this having been posted elsewhere. I didn't find it trying to check to be sure. Apologies if it was!]


After nearly two days on the run, a Litchfield, Illinois man and his 14 year-old stepdaughter were taken into custody.

29-year-old Jerry Pocklington told police his plan was to head to New York with the teenage girl, and keep her there for four years until she was old enough to legally marry him.
Anyone know why he was wanting to hide out in NY till she turned 18? Is there a law there I don't know? Or is he just delusional and figuring they'd be harder to track in NY? (Although if it was just to get away, unclear as to why he'd choose there over somewhere closer?)

Pocklington is a registered sex offender in Arizona, for a crime committed as a juvenile. Police say he is still married to the girl’s mother.