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    FL - Carmen Ruiz, 48, Miami, 21 May 2014


    According to officials, Carmen Ruiz, 48, was last seen May 21 at her place of worship in the 14000 block of SW 47 Lane wearing a long white dress and no shoes. Her hair color is described as dirty blonde.

    Witnesses said Ruiz left driving in her 2012 white Dodge Challenger, black stripes on each side, tinted windows and a Florida tag number BCUV97.

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    This is a strange one.

    Unless I'm blind, I don't see anything even around the address given that is any sort of 'place of worship' (and what an odd / vague /awkward reference).

    Both the phrasing and the lack of evidence of it (both by google mapping and 'looking around' and by googling for things in that area another way) have me wondering if it's maybe an unconventional type of 'worship' situation.

    That she was in a long white dress but shoeless sort of also adds to that for me (like maybe a hippie-ish type thing? Can't think of the right word really...) as it seems unlikely that being shoeless wouldn't cause others to be a little concerned unless it were more the norm perhaps?

    The area seems to be all residential, with what looks to be one condo or apartment type complex nearby. There's water in several places also in the immediate area.

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    There's virtually nothing that I can find thus far about her out there (and very little in the press)

    Her name is very common which won't help things. I hope they're also getting the info out in the Spanish language news channels also.

    Here's a missing poster on her.


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    Her Facebook looks active since she was reported missing - recently married at the end of 2015

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