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    Australia - Revelle Balmain, 22, Kingsford NSW, 5 Nov 1994

    Cabaret dancer and part-time escort agency employee Revelle Balmain disappeared from the Sydney suburb of Kingsford on the evening of the 4th of November, 1994, after an appointment with a client from the escort agency. The following day, the 5th of November, Balmain’s bag, make-up, diary, credit cards and keys to her Bellevue Hill flat were found scattered around several Kingsford streets. One of her shell-studded platform shoes was retrieved from one street; the other shoe was found in another street.

    Her body has never been found, and no-one has been officially charged with her disappearance.


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    The devastating realisation that Revelle was almost certainly dead didn’t stop Suellen searching for answers as to what happened to her sister. Almost 20 years on, Suellen and Jan are still waiting to uncover the truth.

    They believe crucial opportunities to solve the young model’s disappearance were squandered in the first 48 hours after she vanished...

    “By the time police did go and see Revelle’s last client he had cleaned his car, cleaned his home, and washed his clothes and linen. The rubbish bins in the area had been emptied. He had scratches on his face and neck, but there was never enough evidence,” says Suellen.

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    "For 20 long years the disappearance of beautiful blonde dancer Revelle Balmain has remained a mystery.

    The 22-year-old vanished on November 5, 1994, almost without a trace except for one cork-heeled platform shoe.

    The high-heel was found two days later in a street in Kingsford, a south-eastern suburb of Sydney, scattered alongside Revelle’s cane make-up bag, diary and the keys to her Bellevue Hill unit.

    It was the first worrying indication police had that Revelle may have been harmed, but two decades later her killer has still not been caught and a $250,000 reward for information leading to an arrest remains on offer from the NSW Government."

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/arti...#ixzz3I4Kx3q9A

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    A hardhitting new book details the murder and disappearance of 65 Australian women

    Revelle Balmain was a beautiful 22-year-old woman who disappeared, and has never been found, after failing to arrive by train at Newcastle station on November 6, 1994, where her mother Jan was waiting.

    Balmain was a dancer and model. It was not until after she disappeared that her family was told she was also a high-class escort.

    Fox and Wykes recount in some detail Revelle Balmain’s known final movements and those of a suspect who has never been charged. They also recount the desperate attempts by her parents and sister to learn what happened to Balmain. An inquest in 1999 found there was not enough evidence to charge the suspect. It also found the police investigation could have been handled much better.

    Balmain’s parents Ivor and Jan Balmain left Newcastle and moved to Queensland after their daughter’s death.

    “The memories of their daughter’s disappearance and their futile attempts to find her were overwhelming,” Fox and Wykes wrote.

    “Ivor Balmain died in 2011, without learning what happened to his beloved daughter,” they wrote.

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    Police have also earmarked sums of $250,000 for help solving string of other cases, including... the disappearance of 22-year-old model Revelle Balmain, last seen in Kingsford in Sydney’s east on November 5, 1994, and believed to have been murdered.

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