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    FL - Lee County Florida: School employee accused of molesting young girl


    This is my nieces school!! My nieces parents got a call from the school even though it is summer vacation and they didn't know why. Well, all I can say is that any parents NIGHTMARE came true!! They had to sit my niece down ( A CHILD) and have a serious talk with her. My niece was in direct contact with him. She knew him when they asked her about him. Luckily, there is no reason to believe she is/or was a victim. THANK GOD!!!

    I am so MAD!! So LIVID!! Why?? It makes me sick!! This man was in direct contact with my niece!!

    I am VERY happy that her school was contacting the parents directly to make sure. There is very little information, but it still makes me sick to my stomach.

    ETA: I wanted to post this in "Crimes Against Children", but I was so mad I posted in the wrong section.
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    I could barely read the article. Ugh.....IMO this is every parents and families nightmare.I'm sorry your niece attends the school and you all had to have that discussion with her.

    But, I'm beyond happy she wasn't abused by this creep. The article states the abuser had CUSTODY of the child!

    Pedophiles forever work and hang out where there are children. It is scary and sickening.

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    Richard Wayne Moffitt was sentenced to 5 years in prison for sexual battery on a minor. His projected release date is 11 November 2018.


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