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    AL - James Garner, 41, Chambers County, May 2013

    James Garner

    Family hopes security video will find missing West Point man

    41-year-old James Garner of West Point was released on a public intoxication charge in May of 2013 after spending two days behind bars in the Chambers County jail and he hasn't been heard from since. Garner's family believes the security video released from the Chambers County jail shows James to look disheveled and unable to carry himself correctly as he left the jail.
    He was believed to be heading to Lanett and his alleged unwell condition at the time could strike someone's memory of seeing him walking that one day in May last year. "It's na´ve to think a person just disappears into thin air, especially when they have a history of coming home, especially when they don't have a driver's license," explains attorney, Eric Hutchins.
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    Such a strange story...

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    “We have various eye witness accounts that state that two caucasian male Sheriff’s deputies were last seen the last time the witnesses saw Mr. Garner on may the third,” said the Garner’s attorney Eric Hutchins. “They were seen putting him into the vehicle and driving off with him.”

    The Chambers County Sheriff’s department disputes that claim.

    “The LaFayette police department went and interviewed the two witnesses that said they saw him get into a sheriff's car,” said Chambers County Sheriff Sid Lockhart. “Both witnesses deny saying that, and denied saying that and they have signed statements of that.”


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