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    GA - Ardena 'Dena' Carter, 23, Statesboro, 11 Sept 2003 - Pregnant

    Mother Packs Missing Woman's Belongings

    Missing Student's Baby Due This Month

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    Sep 2003
    Fetus Bones Found on Fort Benning
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    New details have just been learned in the discovery of skeletal remains at Fort Benning. Hunters stumbled over the remains Tuesday morning in Chattahoochee County, four miles west of Cusseta. Not only have Fort Benning investigators identified the remains as that of an African American woman but investigators have also found the bones of her six month fetus.

    This finding has given a missing person's case in Statesboro a solid lead. A spokesperson from Fort Benning said quote "although there has been no definitive connection made, the remains are consistent with that missing person's case."

    Ardena Carter, an African American woman and student as Georgia Southern University disappeared from Statesboro September 11-th. She was six months pregnant. Fort Benning investigators say the bones have been in the woods at least 3 months.

    No identification has been made on the remains, and therefore no definitive connection has been made between the remains and Ardena Carter.

    The remains have been sent to Atlanta for DNA testing. They were originally being sent to Washington as is typical procedure for military investigations. However, Ft. Benning investigators wanted to speed up the investigation and sent them to Atlanta.

    Another similarity has been established in this case. Friends and family of Carter say she had a boyfriend in the military. Fort Benning has confirmed that that unidentified soldier is stationed at Fort Benning and that he is a member of military police. However, they would not speculate on whether he is in any way connected.

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    This is local to me. Here's another one. So sad.


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    The Great White North!
    Only my opinions!

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    thanks Mushy..

    how sad!

    what a terrible CHristmas present.

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    Wow.. sad ending to a sad story

    Any news on whether the soldier/boyfriend was involved?

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    We haven't heard anything yet. I am sure he will be questioned. Right now the authorities are looking at whether she was killed at that location, or moved there after she was killed. It is being classified as homicide, though. I will keep you updated on the local articles here at FB.

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    From 2007:


    Former Ft. Benning military policeman Michael Natson will not die for his crimes. He was convicted last week of murdering Ardena Carter in 2003. Her pregnant body was found in a remote area of Fort Benning...

    Natson was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole on all three counts of the indictment; murder, fetacide and murder with a firearm during a crime of violence.

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