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    IN - Trisha Kay Meredith, 19, Laundry Room murder, Indianapolis,7 April, 1986

    Indiana Unsolved: Trisha Kay Meredith, 19, stabbed in apartment laundry area
    June 26, 2013, IndyStar

    Trisha Kay Meredith

    The Crime

    Trisha Kay Meredith, 19, was found dead April 7, 1986, stabbed more than 20 times. She was killed in the laundry building of the Spring Hill Apartments, 4500 block of Glenarm Drive on Indianapolis’ Northwestside. She was not raped, but the condition of her clothes indicated the killer might initially have intended to rape her.

    Tricia and her boyfriend, David Fain, had moved into the complex about a week before her slaying.

    The couple had taken clothes to the laundry area about 6 p.m. and loaded a washer together. Fain then returned to their apartment and spoke to a relative by phone. About 6:45 p.m., he returned to the laundry building and found Tricia dead.

    Their laundry, police said at the time, had been moved from the washer to the dryer. The washer cycle of the machines there took 25 to 30 minutes, narrowing the time of the murder to about a 10- to 15-minute window.
    The weather was nice that day, and people had been outside at the time, including a group hitting golf balls nearby. They told police they had heard screams — but apparently had not thought someone was in distress. They had not tried to find out what was happening, nor did they call police.

    No one reported having seen anyone running away.

    Tricia was wearing a silver wristwatch on her left arm, a gold ring with a heart on her left fourth finger, a “delicate gold necklace” and pierced earrings with white, pink and red hearts, according to the autopsy report.
    She had on sneakers, white shorts and a red T-shirt that read, “You have come a long way, baby!”


    If you know something:

    Call Strode or Sgt. Dave Ellison at (317) 327-3426. Anyone who wants to remain anonymous can call Crime Stoppers at (317) 262-TIPS.

    [much more to this article at IndyStar.com]
    Another murder where witnesses heard screams but failed to act.

    Note: Recall Detective Carter said this case is not believed to be related to Carmen Van Huss's murder. Just thought I'd mention it now for anyone who might have missed it.

    Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community - View Single Post - FEATURED IN - Carmen Van Huss, 19, Indianapolis, 22-23 March 1993
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    Cold case: Westside homicide remains unsolved 25 years later
    By Courtney Essett CNHI
    August 1, 2011

    INDIANAPOLIS — Building number one sits among a group of apartments, right off of I-465 North and just to the left of the Springhill Apartments leasing office here on the westside of Indianapolis.

    Building number one is a laundry room with a bay window that looks out onto part of the property. What’s unique about the building is the secret it holds.

    - See more at: http://www.flyergroup.com/local/x107....O89MqJja.dpuf
    Another young brother left behind, and a parent who died of a broken heart. (Brandon himself, passed away in 2011. )
    Trisha’s brother Brandon, who was 12 at the time, said that to his knowledge people were right outside in the parking lot at the time of the murder.

    Yet in 25 years, no one has come forward with any information on the crime or the killer.

    “As much blood that was around, we don’t see how somebody got out without being noticed,” Brandon Meredith said.

    He said his sister was buried on his 13th birthday.

    “It wrecked my whole family,” he said.

    Just a year later, he said his mother died of a heart attack. He believes that was fueled by a broken heart.


    Anyone with information on the homicide of Trisha Meredith is asked to call the IMPD Cold Case Unit at 327-3475 or 327-3068.

    - See more at: http://www.flyergroup.com/local/x107....ChaE3WY4.dpuf
    Brother hopes cold case squad can find sister's killer
    Chicago Tribune
    August 9, 2011

    Meredith convinced IMPD’s cold case squad to take a second look at the murder. The original detective is still on the job.

    "As far as DNA goes, DNA wasn’t even a big thing back in ’86," Meredith said. "With this new advance in fingerprint technology and DNA there is hope. There is hope out there."
    Related links:


    FB - Help Find the Person Who Killed Patricia Kay Meredith

    1986 article in the bottom left corner here
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    The killer was obviously quite bold to do such a thing at that time of day in an apparently busy apartment complex. It is just unbelievable that the group hitting golf balls heard the screams and yet did not even investigate or call the police! And if there were people in the parking lot but nobody saw anyone exit during that time (the person had to have been covered in blood splatter) it leads one to believe that the killer resided in the building as well. I wonder if everyone in the apartment was talked to that day? The comment from the detective made it sound like they have the suspect's DNA that they could possibly test using today's technology. I hope that is the case and this is being done now. So sad about her mother and recently her brother too!
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    I looked at the scene on google and there is a pair of service doors in the back of this laundry room so my money would be a maintenance person who had easy in and out.
    Also I wonder if police looked on the very low roof for a knife.

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    Another case I think about a lot. Like Carmen, frenzied stabbing. Makes you wonder...i think they need to look harder at the groundsmen. JMO

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