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    GA daycare workers arrested - said third degree burns on 16mo were a "bug bite"


    Minnie “Sue” Dupree, 66, and her daughter, Tara Miller, 40, were both arrested Monday for allegedly trying to cover up how a 16-moth-old boy was badly burned at the daycare. Dupree owns Discovering Basics and Miller is the center’s director. Both women posted bond Tuesday night, according to Hall County jail officials.
    The boy, Damon Gaddis, received second- and third-degree burns on his stomach and left leg on June 13 at the Cleveland Highway daycare, according to police.

    Griffin said Discovering Basics will be closed for 21 days, beginning Wednesday morning.
    Dupree was charged with trying to influence testimony after investigators concluded she had intimidated employees regarding the case and asked them to destroy evidence, said Deputy Nicole Bailes, spokeswoman for the sheriff.
    Miller faces a child cruelty charge because investigators believe she knew about the boy’s second- and third-degree burns but did not seek medical attention, Bailes said.
    Police say Miller assisted daycare worker Eddye Pittmon with applying ointment to the wounds, which suggests she knew the extent of the child’s injuries.
    Pittmon, 55, was arrested Friday and also faces a child cruelty charge. She has been held in the Hall County jail since her arrest and has a bond hearing scheduled for Thursday.
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    Video at the link


    Workers at the Discovering Basics daycare center on Friday told Seabolt her son had been bitten by a bug. The child's injuries were so severe, Seabolt took him first to the hospital, then to a burn center.

    "I do know the parents were not called during the day, if there was an injury discovered during the day," WGCL quotes Seabolt's attorney Mike Weaver as saying. "I know the child is in a lot of pain, the child was actually in my office this morning and the child was not happy at all."

    "It looks like a child was severely injured, and that that injury has been covered up," said Weaver. "That's what it appears at this point, and if that is true, then that is shocking."

    I would be livid if this was my child! They let him suffer for almost eight hours without seeking medical treatment for him. I'm so glad the mom went straight to the hospital instead of going home. When the story first came out, people were already commenting and asking if the mom had done it to him.

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    This story is confusing.

    Who, exactly, is suspected of burning this child?

    Everyone I can see is charged with covering it up, or intimidating witnesses, or not seeking appropriate medical treatment.

    Is Pittman even accused of doing the burning?

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    Yes, Pittman is accused of actually burning the child from what I heard on the local news. Miller helped put ointment on so she got in trouble since she knew how bad it was and didn't seek medical help. The owner is charged for trying to influence testimony.

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    Wow how would the child get burnt on two different parts of the body?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marg from Oz View Post
    Wow how would the child get burnt on two different parts of the body?
    sounds like something very hot spilled onto his stomach and left leg.

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    The news stated that the daycare keeps a pot of boiling water in the classroom to warm up bottles. So that's most likely what the culprit is and that's not an accident that could go unnoticed!

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    How could they not call 911? How could they do that to a toddler?! Poor little guy.

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