On September 3rd the victim was reported as a missing person from her residence located at 5936 S. 87th E. Avenue. The victim was last seen at 0215 hours at Classic's Bar located at 4900 E. 51st Street. There was evidence that indicated that the victim arrived at her residence. At 0400 hours the victim's vehicle was not at her residence. The victim was discovered on September 4th on the side of the road at 13800 E. 51st Street by two subject walking in the area. The victim died as a result of gunshot wounds. The victim's vehicle a red Firebird was discovered burnd at 8300 E. 61st in the west parking lot of Silver Springs Apartments.

The body of Christie Ward was found off the side of the road at approximately 13800 E. 51st Street, on Sunday, September 4, 1988, at 1130 hours. She was found by two 13-year old boys looking for a pond to fish in. Ward was found partially clothed with her hands tied behind her back.
A map based on the above:

A - Classics Bar
B - Christie's home
C - Car found burned
D - Christie's body found