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    TN - Memphis, HispMale UP300, 15-18, in creek below I-240 bridge, May'03

    I didn't see a thread for this UID.

    Case Report - NamUs UP #300

    *reconstrution by NCMEC based on photos

    Unidentified Male found in creek bed below interstate bridge at Nonconnah Creek near Getwell Road and I-240.

    Estimated postmortem interval - - 2 Days

    Age: 18-21
    Weight: 137
    Height: 5'2"

    Hair - Black
    Eyes - Brown

    Tattoos: "UL" on the back of his left hand in the web near the thumb, a tattoo on his right forearm, palmside that says "JOE" along with some unidentifiable writing.

    Skeletal Findings: Evidence of healed broken nose (remodeled nasal bones from prior injury), healing fracture of the right big toe. Skeletal evidence of poor nutrition.

    Clothing on body: A black short sleeve shirt with letter Z and a Starter Brand logo symbol on the front, brown corduroy pants, black web belt, brown socks.

    Footwear: White Nike shoes with blue accents, blue and white soles with the words "Flight" written on the side.
    I think I think too much.

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    I feel like this UID's picture looked very much like Fabien Liendo. Liendo was last seen three days before this UID was found (UID estimated to have been deceased 2 days.) and the physical description matches up.

    However, Fabien was 26 at the time, 5 years older. Fabien went missing from Iowa, 7 to 8 hours away, but it's basically straight interstate driving between the two. Wondering if I should submit him.

    I think I think too much.

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    Hm. Lots of things match up, especially the time line. We've seen ages be off so frequently that I can't think a five-year difference make it a ruleout. I'd send it in.
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