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    TX - Sally McNelly, 18, & Shane Stewart, 16, San Angelo, 4 July 1988


    On July 4th, 1988, Sally Ann McNelly and Shane Paul Stewart were murdered, in a double homicide case that eventually made national headlines.

    Twenty-six years later, local law enforcement officials are still searching for the killer--or killers--and the Tom Green County Sheriff’s Office held a press conference on Tuesday to announce two major developments in the case.

    “We want to keep this case in front of the public,” said Sgt. Terry Lowe. “We’re still working hard to get this case solved.”
    An article from last year:


    Almost 25 years ago Shane Stewart, with $11 in his pocket and plans to watch fireworks with his girlfriend, Sally McNelly, gave his dad a hug and walked out the door...

    After a call from the park manager, Marshall Stewart, arriving at the same time as investigators, found his son’s 1980 copper-colored Camaro abandoned at Isabel Harte Park, an area now part of San Angelo State Park. The investigation that began that day became one of the state’s top unsolved homicide cases.

    Both teens were found four months later when hunters happened upon skeletal remains in a pasture south of Twin Buttes.
    Remembering Shane and Sally FB page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Remem...63007740451070

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    It looks like possibily an investigator at the Sheriffs Office started this fb page? That's really awesome. I wish there where more cases like this.
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    I'm so glad to see a thread about this! Sally was my friend's sister, so I really want to see this case solved and justice served.

    The Facebook page was started by the new investigator on the case. I can't remember his name, but I've emailed with him and he's very devoted to the case.

    I believe this case will be solved when someone with information finally decides to talk. So it's imperative that we keep this case in the public eye!

    If anyone is interested in this case, please message me! I'd love to compare notes!

    May Shane and Sally rest in peace.

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    The Texas Department of Public Safety has partnered with the Texas Rangers to investigate several cold cases across the state.

    Sally McNelly (Tom Green County - Killed in 1988): On the evening of July 04, 1988, Sally Ann McNelly (18 Years of age) and Shane Paul Stewart (17 Years of age), went out together to Lake Nasworthy to view an annual fireworks display at the lake. After neither returned home, a search ensued and Stewarts prized Chevrolet Camaro was found abandoned the following date. In November of the same year, the remains of both victims were discovered in a pasture by hunters near Twin Buttes Reservoir, about twenty miles from the location of the vehicle. Both victims had died from gunshot wounds and were located a short distance from each other. Investigation at the crime scene clearly established both victims were the victim of homicide.
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    Has anyone heard any updates in this case? I think the last I heard was that they were going to exhume Shane, but that was a while back.

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    Texas DPS seeks leads in 1988 cold case

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    Cheryl Henry and Andy Atkinson were also murdered in Texas, in 1990 iirc. Harris County is just under a 6 hour drive, straight shot via Hwy 290. Just wondering if there are any similarities between these 2 cases.

    Northern Colorado Shootings / Incidents Lists & Time Table / Detailed Spreadsheet by Forager:

    Northern Colorado Shootings Case Map:

    NoCo / Thread 1 / Possible Serial Shooter has Colorado Drivers on Edge / WHO KILLED JACOBY AND CONNOLE?

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    FBI Joins Efforts to Solve San Angelo Cold Case


    During this week 28 years ago, law enforcement officials recovered the remains of Sally McNelly and Shane Stewart from the Twin Buttes area. Throughout the years, Tom Green County Sheriff's Office officials said this brutal homicide has remained an active investigation involving many local and state agencies. Today, TGCSO announced that the FBI has been asked to join the investigation and will be actively involved going forward.

    "After consulting with the FBI, it was determined that their involvement will consist of Behavioral Case Analysis, investigative assistance and the use of additional FBI resources as needed," said TGCSO.

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