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    TN - John Hudak, 72, Memphis, 13 September 2013

    John Hudak

    Memphis woman continues search for missing husband; Hudak walked away 10 months ago

    John Hudak left his Downtown condo on Sept. 13, 2013 in the middle of the afternoon to go for a walk. He never came back. Earlier that day, he and his wife, Joyce Hudak, went refrigerator shopping because their old one broke and their house was on the market, she said. Once home, they got into an argument and John, a 71-year-old retired electric engineer, did what he usually did when he was upset: left to cool off.
    In their 36 years of marriage, Joyce said he had left twice before, but only for a few days and took the car both times. “He was not himself anymore. He was sick. He had high blood pressure and a tremor,” Joyce said. “But, he still had his mind.” She realized he wasn’t returning after a week passed. Nine days later, on Sept. 22, Joyce filed a police report for a missing person.
    Memphis Police Lt. Cindy Capps of the missing persons bureau says the idea that John Hudak was unhappy with his wife is a complicating factor in the investigation.
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    It's hard to start over at his age. Odd story.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tulessa View Post
    It's hard to start over at his age. Odd story.
    I totally agree! Very odd story! He's not in NamUs; also do not see any media history from back when he went missing.

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    He's in NamUs now: https://www.findthemissing.org/en/cases/25229

    All it says is that he was last seen walking in the 600 Block Drive of Riverside Drive on September 13, 2013.

    Described as 6' tall and 165 pounds with gray hair and blue eyes, wearing a plaid shirt, khaki shorts, and white tennis shoes.

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