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    MS - Robert Varnum, 57, & Barbara Raines, 50, Utica, 31 March 2012

    Mr. Varnum and Ms. Raines, who lived together at 4812 Highway 27 in Utica, MS, were murdered sometime during the weekend of March 31, 2012; Ms. Raines died of a gunshot wound to the face, Mr. Varnum was shot in the neck. Here are the articles I have:





    (I hope these links will work on this forum!)

    To date, there are supposedly no suspects and the case seems to have gone cold almost immediately. The house is in a somewhat remote area on highway 27. There are other houses in the area, but it's very rural. Going north on highway 27, you would pass the area where this house is without even seeing it. I say this because when I went looking for it, I did just that and had to turn around. Going south, I finally caught a glimpse of it nestled back in the trees. There appeared to have been no forced entry into the home. So the door was either unlocked when the killer(s) approached or the victims knew the assailant(s) and allowed them in. There was a broken front window when I went to the house, but I am told by a family member that the window was not broken when they visited the home shortly after the bodies were found, when allowed by law enforcement. I don't know if that window might have been broken by some curious person who came by and got into the house to look around, or what might have been the story behind the broken window.

    The pair were not seen or heard from for several days; the bodies were noticed when a process server came to the house and could get no answer. Looking in a window, he saw a pair of legs and immediately called first responders to the scene who found the bodies.

    As I said, Utica and Edwards are mostly rural communities, not much there. I'm new to this group, and this is my first time posting! Looking for fresh ideas and suggestions or information about this case from fresh eyes!

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    If it's that hard to find, then I'm sure you feel it's someone who knew them well, & not just a random murder. Did LE go door-to-door in the towns? Sorry I haven't looked at the links yet. Will do

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    It was said that no one in the area heard anything (gunshots) so the implication is that they did. It sounded to me as if it was someone that one or both of the victims new, just on the surface of things. I was told by family that it was believed that it was directed at Ms. Raines because she was shot in the face, and that Mr. Varnum was "collateral damage." The rumors are that she had some drug problems and that he had used with her.

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