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    AZ - Makayla Sanchez, 3, found buried in Thatcher backyard, 24 March 2012


    Because I couldn't find the name of the little girl, I couldn't really search WS, so this maybe a duplicate thread.

    There's a lot more information in the video than in the written portion of the link. The mother and her boyfriend have been arrested on the usual "unrelated charges." Apparently one of the other two children at the house told authorities about the girl.
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    I can't get the link to work, but found this. Sad commentary in the comments by CB.


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    Investigators say a child left alone in a hotel room told a worker that the sister went missing back in 2012. That led them to the home's backyard and the girl's body was found.

    The mother and the mother's boyfriend are being called persons of interest in the case. Anna Marie Sanchez and Joshua Cisneros are currently in jail on unrelated charges. Police are investigating the case as a homicide.

    During their investigation, Thatcher Police learned the child in question has been missing since March of 2012.

    Further investigation revealed the child is alleged to be deceased and had been buried in a yard on 1st Street in Thatcher, Woods said. It took authorities 6-8 hours of digging to find the body.

    The alleged brothers of a dead child, whose body was found buried in the back yard of a home in Thatcher, are now waiting to find out who their fathers are.

    The two children, 6- and 11-years-old, led officials to discover the body that is believed to have been buried in the back yard for about two years...

    Paternity of the children was never performed, but a Morenci man has filed to have a paternity test to determine if he is the father of the 11-year-old boy. A Tucson man is believed to possibly be the father of the 6-year-old boy and deceased victim. Neither man has been involved in any of the children’s lives to this point.
    Just so sad, all around.

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    I hope if these are the dads, they step up to the plate and act like men. I also hope they can figure out a way to parent these boys without separating them. I think for them to be separated at this point would just be awful for them. They need each other.

    Poor kids - hope someone is giving them lots of hugs.


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    Police say 3-year-old Makayla Marie Sanchez was missing for more than two years before authorities found her body buried in a Thatcher backyard in July.

    In the police reports, Cisneros, who is the mother's boyfriend, tells police that in March, 2012, Makayla had an accident at a Walmart. He then tells police he was "whipping" Makayla when they got home and admitted that it was an "overexertion of force." At one point, Cisneros recalled to police that he stepped on Makayla's back and she cried out in pain.

    He then put Makayla to bed but she woke up early crying. Cisneros told police this made him upset so he carried her to the living room and noticed she couldn't stand up, but he went back to bed. He told police he believes she died after that.

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    There are no words....
    “Every day that they don’t find something is good for me.“ Billie Dunn

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    Quote Originally Posted by katydid23 View Post
    There are no words....

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    Poor baby. I imagine he broke her back, among other things. :'(

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    Police confirmed that Anna Marie Sanchez, 28, has now been charged in connection with the homicide investigation of her daughter, Makayla Marie Sanchez...

    Anna Sanchez has been charged with two counts of child abuse of a person under 15 years of age and dangerous crime against children, abandonment or concealment of a dead body, conspiracy to abandon or conceal a dead body, failure to notify a peace officer of a death of a human being, duty to report abuse of a minor, hindering prosecution, and conspiracy to hinder prosecution.

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    From April 2015:


    Photos of Makayla were on display in the courtroom as the judge sentenced Cisneros to a maximum of 40 years in the Arizona Department of Corrections. He plead guilty in March to a laundry list of felony charges, including 2nd degree murder, child abuse, concealment of a body, forgery, drug offenses and food stamp fraud...

    The county attorneys described how after Makayla had a bathroom accident at a Walmart in March 2012, Cisneros beat her to death, fracturing multiple ribs and her skull 13 times...

    A judge sentenced Makayla's mother to 22 years in prison, the majority coming from her pleading guilty to child abuse that led to her daughter's death.

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