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    Canada - Alvin, 66, & Kathy Liknes, 53, Nathan O'Brien, 5, Calgary, 30 June 2014 - #7

    Quote Originally Posted by ilovepierre View Post
    Nothing that would be considered a forest. There may be a few trees/bushes near the Elbow River, though. But not enough to conceal a body or bodies.
    The crime scene is pretty close to the downtown area.

    Anyone who is more local can probably give better insight than me.
    I don't live in Calgary, but I do have general knowledge about the city.
    Google streetview shows this at the end of their street (about 4 houses down from the Liknes' home):

    It's the Elbow River Pathway (iirc) that runs alongside the river.

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    Canada - AMBER ALERT: Nathan O'Brien, 5, Calgary, 30 June 2014 #7

    AMBER Alert issued for missing five-year-old from Calgary

    Calgary police are investigating the disappearance of a five-year-old child and his grandparents from a home in the southwest and issued an AMBER Alert on Monday afternoon.

    Police were called to a home in the 100 block of 38A Avenue SW at about 10:00 a.m. Monday by a mother who went to the home to pick up her son who was staying with his grandparents.

    The three were not at the residence and have not been located despite efforts by police.

    Investigators say evidence at the scene suggests their disappearance may be suspicious.
    full article:


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    Canada - AMBER ALERT: Nathan O'Brien, 5, Calgary, 30 June 2014 #7

    Timeline of events

    June 29: It’s the third day of the estate sale at Alvin and Kathryn Liknes’ home in Parkhill. Jennifer O’Brien, Kathryn’s daughter, visits the home with two of her children. At around 10 p.m., she leaves with her youngest son. Five-year-old Nathan O’Brien stays at his grandparents’ house for a sleepover.

    June 30: Jennifer O’Brien returns to the Liknes house around 10 a.m. to pick up Nathan. No once is there. In the afternoon, police announce that they’re investigating what they say is the suspicious disappearance of Nathan and his grandparents. Around suppertime, an Amber Alert is issued for the missing trio. The alert prompts numerous calls to police, but yields no significant leads.

    July 1: Police say they have a “big mystery” on their hands, and evidence at the Liknes home suggest that the three family members left the residence against their will. Police ask anyone who attended the estate sale between June 27 and 29 to contact them.

    July 2: The parents of Nathan O’Brien make an emotional public plea for the return of their son at a press conference with police. “I know Grandma’s holding you so tightly right now and taking care of you and they are doing everything in their power to keep you safe, so I need you to ... stay strong Nathan,” says Jennifer O’Brien, clutching a T-shirt belonging to her missing son.

    July 3: About 75 people attend a community hall meeting in Parkhill to talk to police about the estate sale. That afternoon, police say they’ve advanced the case in the last 24 hours, but it’s not sure how much progress has been made.

    July 4: In the most revealing update yet from police, Staff Sgt. Doug Andrus says a violent struggle occurred inside the Liknes’ home before the three went missing. Police are searching for a green Ford F150 made in the late 1980s or early 1990s that was seen driving around Parkhill several times during the night of the disappearance.

    July 5: Dozens of police officers fan out in the area around the Liknes’ home. The search is complete a few hours later. Soon after, a large police presence is seen at an acreage in the rural northeast corner of Airdrie, and in the evening, police confirm that the massive search at the property is related to the investigation. Police find a green truck matching the description of the one seen near the Liknes’ home at the scene and take one person in for questioning.

    July 6: Police and RCMP continue their grid search of the Airdrie property, but release the person they’d taken for questioning from custody. The man, Douglas Garland, remains a person of interest. About 40 officers stand shoulder-to-shoulder as they slowly comb the fields around the home. In the afternoon, they tape off the area around a nearby pond and a police boat is seen briefly at the scene. Police remain on scene.


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    1948 Alvin Cecil Liknes born (Alvin, AL)

    1960 Douglas Garland born (DG)

    1961 Kathryn Faye Liknes (Kathryn, KL, KFL) born

    1980s Alvin involved in civil lawsuit(s) in 80s and 90s

    1980 October 27(?) Matthew Kemper Hartley and his sister Jill died as a result of a car crash near Cardston, AB

    1989 approx year Alvin and Kathryn married

    1990s Alvin involved in civil lawsuit(s) in 80s and 90s

    1992 October 23 drug raid at Garland farm. LE found beakers, Bunsen burners and boxes of chemicals used in the manufacture of meth. Evidence was also located at a rented facility in Crossfield, AB. DG disappeared for 7 years after the raid

    1992 DG commenced working at Can Test chemical testing lab in Vancouver where he went on to supervise 15 chemists and technicians. At the same time he was also a lab auditor for the B.C. government, checking for quality assurance at various testing facilities. (Unclear if this last sentence pertains to the 1992-1997 job or the subsequent job)

    1994 AL declared bankruptcy (business or personal?)

    1997 DG finished working at Can Test

    1998 October, DG arrested in Richmond BC in connection with a stolen tractor trailer unit

    1999 May 31, DG arrested in Vancouver BC; had been working as a chemical mixer at the B.C. Institute of Technology under the name of deceased Matthew Kemper Hartley. Charges of impersonation, trafficking in a controlled substance, theft over $5,000, possession of break-in instruments, possession of property obtained by crime over $5,000 and obstructing a police officer. Described by LE as a genius; he had studied science at the Univ of Alberta with plans to become a doctor. He left school without finishing a degree, and had disappeared after the raid 1992 at his parents’ property.

    2000 Alvin was the respondent in 2 civil law suits

    2006 January 2, Alvin Liknes’ daughter, EAL shot by ex-common-law husband, 61 yo Fernando Chora in Okotoks, AB. Chora (represented by Calgary lawyer, Adriano Iovinelli) was acquitted of assault, but found guilty of fleeing the scene and 2 weapons charges and sentenced to 4 years with credit for time served. During the trial, Chora told the judge that he had provided EAL with a great deal of money because of a criminal lifestyle. He said he left that lifestyle behind when he moved out of his Kamloops BC home with EAL and moved to Vulcan AB.

    He said he still carried a gun because he had enemies who may want to hurt him.

    2008 AL’s company Blue Sky Oil and Gas Corp, involved with natural gas production, was registered in Nevada. Filings indicate Blue Sky was in merger discussions with a Florida company called Whitemark Homes Inc. As a result of the housing crash, Whitemark had proposed to take up resource development

    2009 DG's charged with "failure to yield to a pedestrian" and subsequent fine of $575

    2009 August 24, JO (nee JP-L) and RO married; Nathan born this year

    2012 KL ceased being a licenced realtor (as per Real Estate Council of Alberta in 2014 who said she had not been practising for two years)

    2012 KL declared personal bankruptcy (it was also noted that RO declared bankruptcy "a couple of years ago", but date has not been verified, so whether 2012 or otherwise is yet to be determined)

    2012 A Sarasota Florida-area businessmen involved with the Whitemark deal was a real estate developer with close ties to a man who was sentenced in 2012 to 3 yrs in prison for masterminding a large house-flipping fraud

    2013 DG ran his chemical manufacturing company, P2 Solutions Ltd until sometime this year

    2013 October, Alvin's son AL, said he last saw DG at his in-laws last Thanksgiving and said DG seemed a bit of a loner and didn't speak to him that much

    2013 December, title documents show the Liknes home was sold to a Calgary lawyer for $705,000


    2014 KL was involved in social media marketing, offering Search Engine Optimization services and website templates for businesses; also direct marketing for Nucerity (skincare products)

    June 11 estate sale ads started being placed in kijiji (ads placed June 11 to June 24)

    June 25 Winter Petroleum employees officially resigned on this date

    June 27 start of estate sale that was advertised as “SALE June 27,28,29th - FRIDAY 2PM-7PM, SATURDAY 8:30-4:00, SUNDAY 8:30-400”

    June 29 Winter Petroleum premises cleaned out

    June 29 locals report that the area near Parkhill neighbourhood had only a “brief spitting” of rain

    June 29 JO attends estate sale at Liknes home with NO and his younger brother

    June 29 neighbour reports seeing AL playing in the park with NO around noon (elsewhere said NO in park and AL watching from by the garage in the back laneway)

    June 29 10:00pm approx. time JO leaves with the youngest boy and NO stays with AL and KL for a sleepover

    June 30 5:25am sunrise in Calgary

    June 30 10:00am JO returns to the Liknes house to pick up NO and nobody is at the home.

    June 30 5:15pm MT (mountain time) Amber Alert is issued

    July 1 AL and KL were to vacate their home at 124 38a Av SW, Calgary (to be verified whether July 1 or July 31)

    July 1, 11:00 am Investigators say they have no "significant leads" about the whereabouts of the missing family. Also that evidence at the Liknes home indicates the three family members left the residence against their will. LE ask anyone who attended the estate sale to contact them and that LE will be at Parkhill Community Centre on July 3 to meet with them. People are being asked to bring photos of what they bought to help investigators catalogue what was purchased and what remains in the house.

    July 1 2014 Police contacted 3 landfills asking for trash to be segregated

    July 1 RO sends an email late today to CTV Calgary saying that a reward will be announced Wednesday through CPS

    July 2 3:00pm MT (mountain time) JO and RO make public plea for the return of their son. LE say they have decided not to offer a cash reward at this time.

    July 3 of approx. 200 people who attended sale, 80+ attended Parkhill Community Hall

    July 4 LE update says there was a violent struggle inside the Liknes home. They are searching for a green Ford F150 made in the late 1980s or early 1990s that was seen driving around the neighbourhood several times the night of the disappearance

    July 4 LE arrived at the Airdrie farm in the evening; a green truck matching the one LE is seeking is removed from the scene and POI DG is taken into custody

    July 5 Search takes place around the Liknes’ home and the park.

    July 6 DG continue search at farm but DG is released from custody. LE says he remains a POI

    July 7 DG makes first court appearance and will be back in court Wednesday, July 9

    July 7 It is announced that POI has link to Liknes family and has criminal past. (It becomes known that DG’s sister is in a CIL relationship with AL’s son AL)

    July 8 It is said that detectives have interviewed staff of AL’s company that went bankrupt weeks before the family’s disappearance

    July 9 DG made second court appearance. Will return to court Friday July 11 when he could be released on conditions, including that he provide an address where he will be staying

    July 9 LE reveal that DG and AL had money dealings that soured and there is "bad blood" related to money between the two. They are not aware of the specifics

    July 9 LE ask property owners in rural areas outside Calgary to search their land for anything suspicious

    July 10 LE commenced search of Spyhill landfill; bags of (potential?) evidence removed by LE

    July 10 LE start search of second landfill site at 17th and 68th Street today

    July 10 RCMP Explosives disposal unit was dispatched to the Garland property in Airdrie today

    July 10 In LE presser today, they say they know who was hurt in the home (but that info was not released to the public)

    July 10 Hundreds of people attend vigil held for the family

    July 11 DG released from custody on $750 bail with the following terms: keep the peace and be of good behaviour; must stay in province (cannot leave Alberta without permission), surrender passport within 24 hours of release, to report 3 days a week, first report to be July 15, must provide land line phone # if available to supervisor, must be home between the hours of 9 pm and 7 am each day, he is to reside at transitional housing - hotel, motel, Mustard Seed, Drop-In Centre, Salvation Army Centre of Hope, or homeless shelter, be back in court Aug. 6 at case management office, not possess ID other than his own. DG asks judge "I live on a farm, sometimes working past 9 o'clock, would residence be on the farm itself?" The judge reminds him he won't be going to the farm but to some form of transitional housing.

    July 11 LE conclude search at southeast Calgary landfill and focus their efforts on an acreage north of the city and the Spyhill Landfill site. Also have a tactical unit at the Airdrie acreage to deal with dangerous and flammable chemicals that were found on the property. Asking people/businesses/oil companies in the Airdrie and Parkhill/Stanley Park areas to check their properties for absolutely anything out of the ordinary.

    July 11 Members of Liknes family confirm in the media that beef between AL and DG was over patent filed years ago by AL; family says it was AL's invention

    July 31 AL and KL were to vacate their home (to be verified whether July 31 or July 1 2014)

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    Canada - AMBER ALERT: Nathan O'Brien, 5, Calgary, 30 June 2014 #7

    Please continue here

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    Quote Originally Posted by katsrfun View Post
    Hi guys! Wow - Lots of new members commenting, which is great. WS is growing in leaps and bounds!!

    I am trying hard to keep up, but haven't seen this asked. If DG is as intelligent as has been stated, would he really be that naïve to circle the block around the house and not know he would be seen on camera, and therefore suspect? I can't seem to wrap my brain around that. Even if he didn't know specifically about each camera, I am sure he is aware enough to know there are cameras everywhere these days, and certainly with his background, etc., that he would be on the top of the suspect list. What do you guys think about this? Thanks to all for all the great work and comments, as usual. Katt
    I also wonder if he did this because he needed to make a few trips in order to dispose of bodies and not be seen. The flatbed of his truck is open so maybe he knew they would see if 3 people were back there (sorry I hate to type this). So he loaded one by one into the passenger side and went somewhere else, then returned and repeat 2 times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orangeboy View Post
    I wonder if much has been made of the trailer hitch on DGs vehicle? Is it possible he made a trip with some sort of utility trailer or horse trailer attached? Or hell-- maybe in another vehicle entirely. Maybe he entered the neighbourhood from a different direction on that trip and it wasn't captured on video. This would make it easy to transport people dead or alive and nobody would question...especially during Stampede.

    I mentioned the hitch before Orangeboy .. IMO due to the estate sale, neighbours would not necessarily think anything of a trailer being in the driveway to haul large items away. Heck, when I lived in Toronto, I watched across the street as a couple of very professional looking dudes with a moving van, dressed in coveralls, gloves, clean cut looking .. carried a large tv and all sorts of furniture out of the 5 story apartment building. Later found out I had witnessed an entire burglary while I was sipping my coffee and wondering where the folks were moving to !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sillybilly View Post
    ^^ all pretty much what I have in mind otto. Taking the physical challenge of Gpa out of the mix early, then the less physically challenging Gma is controlled by her protectiveness of NO.

    Same scenerio,but what if AL went to talk to DG about something before they left for Mexico.He went to the farm Sat or Sun.....got his truck wheel wells covered in mud.He came home and left an enraged DG behind.Finally an enraged DG left the farm Sun evening ,went to AL's place to argue further,and then Otto's scenerio took place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrazda71 View Post
    I'd be interested to hear all your opinions - IF DG had led a perfectly legal life and been an upstanding member of his community, would he still be everyone's number 1 suspect? If he was a saint who the only thing he'd done was to be seen driving around the place... would you all still be as certain he was at the very least heavily involved? Is it just his past that makes you think he's to blame?
    I think the fact is that DG's truck was the absolute only vehicle LE asked to public to help identify. Maybe because it took several trips while most peple in the neighborhood would either be coming, or going or not driving at all because they were sleeping. But certainly he could have been the only vehicle that did not just come, or go in one direction.

    I also find it interesting that they have other POI's but b/c he is the owner of the 'mysterious green truck' is the only reason we know about DG. Turns out people did know and pretty soon word would get around town and he would be know as 'the guy who owned the mysterious green truck'.

    But supposedly there are more properties that are being searched out in the middle of nowhere but the media has no clue and therefore no one else knows about it. Seems likely.

    The fact that there are other POI's also bothers me because why would AL and KL have enemies?

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    Re question on previous thread about abduction vs missing persons .. I think what LE was getting at was it was not being classified as a family abduction of NO by his grandparents, but in fact was 3 people missing under suspicious circumstances.

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    From everything I have read and tried to piece together my own theory or therious, I have a burning question and if anyone knows or can asnwer that would be great.

    Statement/ Question

    IIRC the neighboring house is vacant as it was just sold, do we know if LE searched that home, I have noticed that some of the pictures of evidence leads towards that home.

    I have been thinking hard that this empty house may have been used as a "staging" for this horrific incident

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    During the press conferences, did any media reporter ask about this part of the original Amber Alert: "Nathan may be in the company of his grandfather" (omitting grandmother)? If so what's the answer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bakerlady View Post
    This might seem totally out there....but hey might as well throw it out there for the heck of it.
    JMO,but I totally a agree with the meth production theory.....easy money made ,for people who have dreams of making big money.I agree Bakerlady,that DG somehow was getting shut down by AL leaving for Mexico.Were the L's leaving for Mexico in such a rush because they felt the jig was up?ie LE was on the trail or they were being threatened by other drug organizations?

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    This might seem totally out there...for the heck of it.

    DG had a green truck, a neighbor had a similar truck, some guy on another forum mentioned above says he saw a rusty green truck.

    What if this specific paint color on a pickup truck is part of some 'rural gang' and those are their gang colors?

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    I've been (tormented and slightly obsessed) trying to keep up with all the news and posts though I'm not sure if i've missed anything ... i've heard/read very little about what kind of people the grandparents are - what their relationship was like? His previous crimes aside - what is DG like personally?

    I'm hoping it won't be a similar scenario but we had a missing child case here in the UK - Tia Sharp, although her house was searched at least twice previously, she was found deceased hidden in the loft space on the third search.

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