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    NY - Raymond Locascio, 62, Monroe, 8 July 2014


    Cornwall Town Police and State Police are investigating the disappearance of Raymond Locascio, 62, of Cornwall, who was last seen around 2:30 p.m. when he was headed for Peekskill.

    According to his daughter’s Facebook page, he is on medication for his heart and diabetes.

He is described, about 215 to 220 pounds, five feet, 10 inches tall and last seen wearing blue jeans and either a blue t-shirt or blue polo-style shirt with the logo “BeavEx” on it. He wears eyeglasses and was most likely wearing a blue or black fitted baseball cap, police said.


    Rescuers are combing the woods of Harriman State Park in search of a missing Cornwall man.

    Officials say Raymond Locascio was last seen in the town of Monroe Tuesday, but the car he was driving was found Thursday in a parking lot off of Route 6 in Harriman State Park...

    Locascio's family says it is a strange time for something like this to happen, because Locascio was getting ready to walk his eldest daughter down the aisle in three months.

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    This case hasn't gotten much publicity-I wonder why?

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    Police and searchers are scouring the Harriman State Park woods for a 62-year-old Cornwall man who has been missing since Tuesday...

    The mountainous park is comprised of 46,613 acres in Rockland and Orange counties, the second largest park in New York.

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    "An upstate New York bank courier who was in severe debt disappeared last week after he had a brief phone conversation with his wife, sources familiar with the case told The Post.

    The source added that Locascio’s house was in foreclosure and he owed money to the bank and possibly other individuals."

    LE is ruling out foul play?
    I wouldn't jump to that so quickly. Any other news on Raymond, anyone?

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    His house was auctioned last year, according to a real estate notice. He may have been in severe debt because of a lawsuit brought against him many years ago, in which he was accused of sexually harassing his employees.

    But this is a strange set of circumstances for other reasons. Raymond is not a hiker. He disappeared from a remote parking area that is used for two different purposes: hiking the Long Path, and gay "cruising".

    This parking lot is known to cruisers, and is listed on several cruising sites online. There is even a method described for how to use this site: park by backing in to the spot, and walk the trail down to the woods, where you will be followed.

    The last report said that the police were investigating whether he took his own life in the lake, because sniffer dogs followed his scent to close to the lake, where it ended. But there doesn't seem to be any follow up to that. Was the lake searched? Did police immediately rule out the possibility of Raymond walking to the lake, and returning on the same trail? He left for work at 2 pm. There would be hikers on that lake any time of day, who would most likely notice a man drowning in the water.

    It is strange how there has been nothing in the news about this case. There has been nothing posted anywhere on the gay cruising sites, asking for information about possible sightings. He was a bank courier.

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    So new information has been added to the facts of this disappearance, and I wonder if they have ruled out suicide.

    Police say he may have been seen in the picnic area at Silvermine (also in Harriman State Park). This is also one of Harriman's five or so cruising spots.

    I hope this doesn't come across as accusing or judgemental, but as both of the areas identified as places where Locascio was last connected to are also popular cruising spots, I also hope that they are figuring into the investigation.

    Also, I wish the family had set up a facebook "missing" page for Raymond. Harriman State Park is very popular. Almost every place in the park with trails and an adjacent parking area is full in the summer, particularly on weekends. I am sure volunteers would have helped search (volunteer rescue dogs already helped out earlier in the investigation).
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    Police believe Locascio was spotted about 3:30 p.m. July 8 at the Silver Mine Lake parking area, not far from Turkey Hill on Seven Lakes Drive. They believe he may have gotten to the Turkey Hill lot about 4 p.m. Police are looking for people who may have seen him...

    Her husband was diagnosed with diabetes about five years ago, she said, and had stopped taking his medications for a while – until June, when he had to have two stents implanted because of a coronary blockage. He was getting back to taking care of himself, she said. He was applying for a new job. He was excited about their older daughter’s upcoming wedding.

    Crazy theories that he was abducted or suicidal have been floated, she said. “None of those things – they don’t fly, they just don’t fly with us,” she said. “We really feel, in our heart or hearts, that he wasn't feeling well, and he got disoriented.”

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    Still missing.


    Locascio never imagined that her beloved father would go missing just hours after a tux fitting for her upcoming wedding. “He had gone that morning and actually called and talked to me about his tux,” Suzanne told CBS 2’s Andrea Grymes, “He was excited for it.”

    What should be a joyful time for the Locascio family of Cornwall has turned into a nightmare.

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    Sad to say, but I do believe this man took his own life because he felt the intense pressure of not being able to pay for his daughter's wedding. I think it could have been the straw with all his other troubles mounting up.

    He went to try on the tuxedo and maybe the very act made it feel even more that he failed his daughter. To know he couldn't contribute must have been excruciating for him. No father wants his little girl to feel let down especially on her wedding day. She said he picked out the song for their dance which was another highly emotional charge for him.

    I hope they do find him soon and she can go on with her plans to start a happy life in spite of what has transpired. Her new husband needs to be the rock to give her strength and he will begin their life together as the one she will lean on.

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    and rescue workers, Team 5, at the OKC Bombing site 4-19-1995.

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    Raymond Locasio, 62, Cornwall 8 July 2014

    I'm only just reading this today and I didn't see a thread for him. Briefly, he was driving to work after having a tuxedo fitting for daughter's upcoming wedding and never made it to work. Car found 2 days later off road in Woodbury near hiking trails at Bear Mountain.

    He is diabetic. There are financial problems and house in foreclosure. He was not paying for the wedding, however.

    New York State Police describe him as a white male, five feet, ten inches tall, between 215 and 220 pounds. He was last seen wearing blue jean shorts and a blue polo or t-shirt with the "Beav Ex" logo in it. He wears glasses, and may have been wearing a blue or black baseball cap.

    Anyone who may have seen Locascio or his car is asked to contact the New York State Police at 845-457-1388 or the Town of Cornwall Police Department at 845-534-8100.

    ETA: I just noticed I spelled his last name wrong and there is a thread, I'll get a mod to delete, sorry
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    Nothing, still.


    Barbara Lacascio knows the more time passes the possibility is slim that her husband will ever walk through their front door again. But that doesn't stop her from thinking that he still might.

    "Sometimes I kind of fantasize that he will, or that someone from some hospital will call us and say, 'Look, we have this John Doe,'" Barbara Lacascio said.

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