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    NY - Sheri Ann Ford, 22, Brooklyn-East Flatbush, November 1997

    ‘Mountain Man’ shares story of grief over unsolved murder of daughter in Brooklyn

    Posted 10:32 PM, July 9, 2014, by Mary Murphy, Updated at 09:45pm, July 9, 2014

    BLACKWELLS HOLLOW, Va. (PIX11) – Keith Ford can’t shake the memory of that Sunday morning in November 1997, when a New York City police detective called him in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia to tell him his daughter, Sheri Ann, was dead, slain in the basement of a Brooklyn house.

    “He said it was my daughter, because it was her driver’s license,” Ford recalled through tears, standing in the woods of his Crozet, Virginia, property. “I said, ‘No, I don’t think so.’”


    PIX11 Investigates traveled to meet Ford in the Blue Ridge Mountains, so we could show viewers the place where a New York City murder victim had grown up and perhaps to help get new information about whoever killed her.


    Litwin and the NYPD Crime Stoppers Unit are offering a reward to anyone who can offer information that leads to an arrest and a conviction. The phone number for confidential tips is 1-800-577-TIPS.


    Just a week after she called her dad saying she wanted to leave NYC and come home, Sherri Ann Ford was brutally killed.

    Her on-again-off-again boyfriend says armed attackers cut her 22-year-old life short, but detectives don’t think his story adds up: http://go.pix11.com/1nfReKG


    Bringing Cases Out of the Cold

    By Erika Maritnez -- June 4, 2007 | 9:00am


    On Nov. 9, 1997, Sherri Ford was raped, bound to a chair and shot in the head in the apartment she rented on Linden Boulevard in East Flatbush.

    Ford, who grew up on a farm in Charlottesville, Va., had been in the city only six months.

    She was in her apartment with an ex-boyfriend when two men with guns barged in and attacked her, leaving the ex-boyfriend unharmed.

    For the past two years, Detective Bruinsma has pursued the case.


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    Sheri Ann Ford

    Sheri Ann Ford was brutally shot - murdered during an apparent robbery of her apartment in Brooklyn, New York on November 9, 1997.
    This case is unsolved. The killer(s) who committed this heinous crime are still walking the streets of our country.


    Sheri Ann Ford, born and raised in Crozet, VA.

    Murdered in Brooklyn on November 9, 1997

    She attended the University of Virginia for awhile, and then quit to work part-time in a restaurant, according to her stepmother.

    She began to dress differently and wear heavier make-up

    When the restaurant owners were busted in a 1997 drug raid, 22-year-old Sheri Ann moved to New York during the summer of 1997.

    In the week prior to her murder, Sheri Ann told her father she was ready to come home. He told her to pick any one of his seven houses in which to live.

    On November 9, 1997, Sheri's father, Keith Ford, received a phone call from a NYC detective who told him that a body lying in the King's County Hospital morgue matched the picture on the ID belonging to his daughter.

    According to Sheri Ann's bf in NY, John Valenzuela, two unknown men invaded their apartment in East Flatbush, and forced Sheri Ann to perform a sex act.

    She was found in a recliner with her hands and feet tied with leather straps. She'd been shot through the back of the head.

    Detective Steve Litwin of NYPD's Cold Case Squad is skeptical of Valenzuela's story.

    Crime Stoppers is offering a reward for information leading to a conviction -- 1-800-577-TIPS.

    Sheri Ann's father also is offering a reward..

    “It would be a whole lot of comfort to me, right now, if I could find out who did that,” Ford said. “And I would take real good care of the person who helped me find him.”

    Compiled from the story at this link:

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    Muddy water in the street
    ; Muddy water 'round my feet... as sung by the inimitable Bessie Smith, "Muddy Water (A Mississippi Moan)"


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    I just heard this story on News 11 here in NYC. I do not for one second believe the story that was told by her on and off again boyfriend. I strongly believe John Valenzuela is complicit in this murder

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    I agree with you.....what was taken from the apartment if it was robbed???? And he is left unharmed??
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    I dont believe the bf story either. It's strange. What does it mean when he "asked a neighbor to look out the window as her jeep was being driven away"? This is puzzling me. Also, I wonder what caused the change in her before she headed to NY, it was said she wore her hair differently and started using more makeup. Maybe fell in with a bad crowd?

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