Hensdill said she’d asked Tammy to come to the Hensdill home, but Tammy had said she wanted to go to the trailer. “She said, ‘It’s my home and my husband, and I’m going home,’” said Hensdill. “So we took her there.” The Hensdills were feeling protective of Tammy at that time... In the months and years leading up to June 2, 1987, Tammy had been photographed with black eyes. She had also recently undergone a splenectomy to remove an injured spleen.

So when the mother and daughter got out of the Hensdills’ truck at the Daniel trailer during those pre-dawn hours, Hensdill had again asked the younger woman to come back to the Hensdill home. “I tried to get her to come home with me, and she wouldn’t,” recalled Hensdill.

The trailer was dark... “I offered to pound on the window and wake Gene and let her in, and she said, ‘You better not,’” said Hensdill. “She said she’d sleep in a tent in the yard.”

As the Hensdills drove away, Hensdill looked back at Tammy. The young woman was sitting on the trailer steps, dressed in a black leather jacket, a black T-shirt, and blue jeans. It was the last time Hensdill would ever see her.

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