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    UK - Child Abuse Case 1992 - Unanswered Questions - Can you help?

    I am reaching out to this forum to see if anyone on here may be able to offer the smallest advice or thoughts on my own very personal case, which I have been investigating for the past year. Iím naturally disposed to investigating things (my username stands for Just Enough Education To Investigate) and so have done a large amount of work but have got to such a stage as now perhaps I need some fresh perspectives on some points, if they are to be had.

    I am going to try to speak in a forthright, direct and objective way.

    So you can decide if you are interested in looking at the evidence and my progress so far, Iíve give you the overview of the caseÖ

    I was born in 1984 and was brought up my maternal great grandmother from a baby. She also brought up my own mother from a baby as well (she ran away at 16), as several other relatives and adopted and foster children, as well as her own 4 children. My childhood was brutal, full of mental and psychical abuse. Up until the age of 7, this included sexual abuse as well from a man who would come to the house and my elderly guardian would explicitly allow for the abuse, in her presence no less.

    This sexual abuse stopped in 92 when my abuser was arrested, put on trial and jailed for abuse against multiple victims, who I supposedly never knew. As far as I knew then it was a happy coincidence but had nothing to do with my 'family'. The mental abuse continued though right through to teenage years. I was the last child in her care. When I finally left 9 years later, I found out that my mother had been sexually abused for other a decade (while in my great grandmotherís care) for money, as had other children in her care, by many different predators (many who still visited the house when I was there right through the 90s), from as far back as at least the early 60s but possibly with her own children in the 40s. A conservative estimate is that during a period of at least 4 decades, she had at least 10 children abused under her care.

    She was never caught. She died (in 2004) a well loved, life long resident of a peaceful, ideologic, now famous small English village with now a Royal connection.

    However in 2013 I decided to follow up on a memory I had as a 7 year old. I remembered looking at the local paper newspaper report on his conviction. I couldn't remember the content but remember how happy I was that he had been jailed for 9 years. I realised that the local paper would have a copy and although I couldnít remember an exact day - went hunting through the library MicroFiche records and found several newspaper reports pertaining to the case.

    The final newspaper revealed, without names of course (but just by situations explained), that two of the children in the case against my abuser were my relatives, that had been in my great grandmotherís care at the time of their abuse. She had a confirmed involvement with the Police at the time of the case, as she is mentioned in the reports (as encouraging them to spend time with the abuser), but somehow, I was never talked to by Police and my great grandmother never got found out.

    If I had been talked to at 7, I wouldnít have understood all of what was happening but I would be able to say what was happening. Somehow I was missed. Somehow my Nan, even though I have since found out that the main relative that was key in the case, named my Nan as being complicit in her own decade long abuseÖ. somehow she escaped being found out for all the pain she had caused. I feel as if the 92 case could have so easily led to the whole house of cards falling in and yet it didnít. My great grandmother and her side of the family managed to keep her/and my relatives involvement in the case secret from my father and mother the entire time!

    So for the last year I have been investigating the 92 case and why I was missed, and how my great grandmother, with so many crimes against so many managed to escape justice. This has included finally bringing my abuse to the police, along with the newspaper reports and my questions. He basically tried to make me go away but did let me see a copy of the PNC check on the abuser, which documented that this man had been a jail many times for child sex abuse, including a 14 year sentence in a 1965 case.

    Unbelievably, months later, after a Freedom of Information Request on my Police records (and Iíve done many of those other the past year!) I found that the officer I had a interview with misrepresented me in the reporting of the enquiry, made up things to make me look uneducated and unknowledgable in the area and didnít mention anything about the 92 case and my questions regarding it!! Iím yet to follow that up in any way. I am seeking advice on how to handle that. But this case even has the Police trying to fob me off! He told me to try and look up the crime records with authorities that didn't even exist!!

    Iíve contacted the prosecutor and defence from the case, one whom now is a Judge, as well as many many different avenues. Iíve even researched my abuser to the point of being in contact with his nearest living relative (he himself died in 1999) and she has been brilliant. But knew no details from the 92 case. I have even tracked down my motherís abuserís (different man) closest relative and recovered his personal collection of photos (non graphic) of him and my pre teen mother and even a few others of the family including myself as a baby - with my great grandmother and the relative who was the main victim of the 92 case!

    Iíve done so much but this is where Iíve got toÖ

    There should be a hardcopy crime file which is now on MircoFiche. However crime files in those days (info from police records manager who has been assisting me) was all put in one file. That file was only named by the first victim to come forward. That was not my relative and she does not know who they were. All 16 pages of her witness statements were just inserted in the file as evidence and happened to be the most damaging and spoken about the most in the newspaper report.

    There are clues to who the other victims were but obviously being 11 and 12 their names were protected in court. and I have done done extensive searches by public records to make the most educated guesses. None have registered a hit yet in the records index.

    I am treading carefully but trying to investigate who the other victims were so I might be able to find the file and that way release information which may explain how my great grandmother managed to get away with it, or what mistakes the Police made that allowed me to be missed - even though she had been implicated and I was in her care! One conversation with a WPC would have changed my whole future - ad possibly seen her pay for her crimes and finally have them exposed. Why didnít it happen?

    I feel like I am getting closer to breaking the case but thought now was the time to seek help. I donít know how exactly but if you are interested in seeing the evidence and a timeline of events, scans of the newspaper cuttings and moreÖ I can develop something.

    I dunno if this is even posted in the right place correct me if I am posting in the wrong area. But if anyone is interested please give me a shout out below and perhaps you can help.

    So at this point I just want to basically know if I've come to the right place and if anyone here is up for reviewing a 'case file' and sleuthing a bit!!

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    No one interested?

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    Finding other victims, is going to be daunting, as many of them will wish to remain anonymous, this is often the case, in sexual abuse cases.

    Im not completely sure what you are looking for however.

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    RichKelly thanks for replying.

    I certainly am not looking to upset anyone and do not need to find them in the sense that I want to speak to them etc. Really I just need the names which will enable the Police Records team to find the crime file on thier indexes.

    As I mentioned by the clues in the newspaper reports I have done cross referencing with electoral rolls and birth records (all public domain here in UK) and cross referenced. So I have tried to find the possibilities without approaching anyone but drawn a blank.

    Because of the extensive evidence I have on the case, I was asking if anyone would like to take a look and use their sleuthing brain to give any ideas. Things to try that I might have missed.

    I thought this might be a good place to ask, as it is a bit different that looking at cases in the public arena. Hope that clarifies - thanks for responding at least.

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