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    Talking Wife Gets Revenge- Buy selling sports Car on ebay for dirt Cheap

    he started making jokes that he was considering leaving his wife and two children after interviewing the model Jodie Marsh, he went too far.

    Listening at home to his show on Kerrang 105.2, Hayley Shaw was outraged at her husband's flirting with the model and decided to hit him where it hurt by putting his 25,000 Lotus Esprit Turbo up for sale on eBay.

    In one of the great acts of marital revenge she offered the black sports car for a price of 50p. "I need to get rid of this car immediately - ideally in the next 3-4 hours before my cheating arsehole husband gets home to find it gone and all his belongings in the street," read the posting on the internet auction site.

    Unsurprisingly it did not hang around and the buyer, contacted by a local newspaper, asked to remain anonymous.


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    WOw!! Y'all oughtta read the WHOLE article!
    What a JERK this guy is!!!

    with much love,


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    What a scuz ball though... especially this part: "Mrs Shaw was still smarting from a stunt in July last year when her husband told listeners that he fantasised about his wife's sister while he was having sex. When Mrs Shaw, then heavily pregnant, rang up tearfully to berate him, he broadcast their conversation."
    He deserves MUCH more than that AND she deserves MUCH BETTER than HIM!. Leave his hiney honey!

    When men cheat.... One lady around here about a year ago sold her hubby's rollex for $102.55. It was worth about $25,000.00. THE REASON for the "certain" amount was to hand it over to her hubby after finding out he took his "new" girlfriend out for supper and that was the bill.

    THEN she had called Goodwill and left all his $1000.00 + business suits out on the street for pick up.

    Go ladies..... don't be treated like crap!

    BTW: THE APPROXIMATE PRICE ON THE LOTUS CAR OF 50p is about $90.00 USA and 111.00 CND! Go lady!

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    Thanks for the link.

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    Sounds like this guy is a Howard Stern wannabee. Howard would do similar things in airing he and his wife's conversations. However his wife knew and for the most part seemed to play along. She wasn't threatened by his mouth so much and he swears he was faithfull to her. I kind of think he was. I'm not sure why they were divorced. Maybe she finally got a mouthfull.

    When you've got a hammer in your hand everything looks like a nail!

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    This was all over the papers here in the uk. The girl he was flirting with (that led to his wife selling his car) is Jodie Marsh. Shes a well known topless model over here and is a bit of a national joke. She is VERY cheap!!!! Check her out:


    Nice huh??!!!!

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