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    NJ - Timothy Wiltsey, 5, murdered, mom charged, Sayreville, 25 May 1991

    (sources: NY Times online archives, 1991-1996 inclusive; Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timothy_Wiltsey )

    On the evening May 25th, 1991, 23 year old single mother Michelle Lodzinski reported to reserve police officers working the carnival in Kennedy Park, located near Sayreville in NJ, that her 5 year son was missing. Lodzinski stated that she had left her son, Timothy Wiltsey, in line for a ride while she purchased a soda. Lodzinski told police that she was seperated from Timothy for only a few minutes, and when she returned to where she had left him Timothy was gone. Police immediately instituted a search, clearing the carnival grounds and calling in dog and scuba units to search the surrounding area. No sign of Timothy could be found. His father, who lived in Iowa, was confirmed to have been in Iowa at the time.
    Inconsistencies in Lodzinski's story were quickly discovered. Lodzinski stated she and Timothy had been in Holmdel Park, NJ before arriving at the carnival. However, it was determined that the lot she told police she had parked in was closed that particular day. Also, no one police spoke with could remember seeing her with Timothy at the carnival. Neighbors told news reporters of their own suspicions, due to Lodzinski's seemingly odd behavior. She took no part in searches, nor did she assist with making missing-person flyers. During numerous news interviews, she appeared "perky" and "more worried about her hair" than her missing son.

    In October of 1991, a science teacher discovered a "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle" sneaker in a swampy area of the Raritan Center Industrial Park, near Sayreville. Lodzinski reportedly denied that the shoe was Timothy's; a search of the area uncovered nothing else.

    In early April of 1992, Lodzinski resigned from a non-profit group organized to find Timothy. She had wanted to organize a charity baseball game using Chippendale's dancers.

    On April 24th, a follow-up search of the swamps in Raritan Center, near where the TMNT sneaker had been found, revealed the skull, skeletal remains and clothing scraps matching those of the missing child. Police later confirmed that they had in fact found Timothy. Questions by news reporters as to why the remains were not discovered at the time the shoe was found went unanswered. The cause of death has never been released, despite numerous requests by local news-gathering entities for the information. One of Lodzinski's former jobs was found to have been located close to Timothy's resting place.

    The case continued to grow more bizarre. In late January of 1994, Lodzinski's car was found, running, outside her home by her brother. The next day, she called him from Michigan stating that she had been kidnapped by FBI agents who had thrown her into a black van and driven her to Detroit. Law enforcement and the FBI questioned her about the kidnapping. Lodzinski stated that the agents had repeatedly told her to keep quiet about Timothy's case. The same agents had visited her repeatedly, seeking information about a Bayonne police officer who was harrassing her. (Lodzinski had previously reported this information to local law enforcement; investigation revealed that no such officer was in the employ of the Bayonne PD).
    The agents had then dumped her in Detroit. An FBI business card, bearing the name of one of the agents, had been found taped to Lodzinski's front door with the words "SEE YOU SOON its not over" written on it.

    The FBI were highly skeptical of Lodzinski's report. Just prior to her "kidnapping", Lodzinski was to have been subpoened for a grand jury inquiry into the activities of a police officer who had been assisting in the search for Timothy. The officer allegedly used a police computer to search for license information at Lodzinski's request.
    During their investigation, the FBI discovered that Lodzinski had taken the seal from a business card of one of the agents working Timothy's case and had fake cards made. Lodzinski later recanted the entire story, telling the judge she didnt know why she created the hoax. In March of 1995 she was sentenced to 3 years probation, 6 months house arrest, and told to seek mental treatment.
    In December of 1997, Lodzinski pled guilty to the theft of a laptop computer from a former employer. In early 1998, Lodzinski left NJ to live with relatives in Florida.

    Timothy's death is listed as an unsolved homicide. Though his mother has long been a suspect, no charges are pending.
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    Well, I don't think it's a stretch to say this lady killed her son and that the authorities simply can't prove it.
    I wonder if she had a new boyfriend in her life at the time.

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    I think this woman killed her son. So sad.
    The above post is as always MY OPINION ONLY!

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    So frustrating that LE have to waste their valuable time when people like this woman make up crazy stories!

    I hope this little boy's murder will be solved someday
    A run-away may leave on purpose, but that doesn't mean that they are able to get back home.... Never stop searching.

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    Two decades later, cops still suspect mother in disappearance, death of South Amboy 5-year-old


    This week will mark the 20-year anniversary of the disappearance of Timothy Wiltsey, a 5-year-old from South Amboy whose remains were found in a marshy area 11 months after he was reported missing. The case haunted the state and the nation, and it confounded authorities who quickly suspected the boy’s mother — Michelle Lodzinski — had played a role in his death.

    More: http://www.nj.com/news/index.ssf/201...s_still_s.html

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    A new reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest for the murder of Timothy Wiltsey, the young South Amboy boy who disappeared 20 years ago this week.

    In a statement, Kaplan said his office and the Sayreville Police Department "have never given up hope" Timmy’s killer will be brought to justice.

    "We are always hopeful that, one day, charges will be filed and justice will be served," Kaplan said.


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    Michelle Lodzinski, 47, was arrested by local authorities on a warrant from Middlesex County, N.J., and charged with the 1991 murder of her 5-year-old son, Timothy Wiltsey. Lodzinski works in Martin County and was taken into custody by deputies from the Martin County Sheriff’s Office.

    The Middlesex County Prosecutors Office conducted a routine cold case review of the evidence and a new investigation was conducted. The case was turned over to a grand jury and warrant was later issued for Lodzinski’s arrest.

    Her bond amount in New Jersey was set at $2 million.

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    Bruce, Jon, Whitney, and I have something in common

    NJ - Timothy Wiltsey's Mother Charged With His Murder - 23 Years Later

    This is the BEST news I've heard in a long time!!!! For the past two years I've been calling for someone to re-open this case and get this little boy some justice. I even spoke to a Dateline producer about it a few months ago and just now I see that his monster has FINALLY been charged with his murder.


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    Bruce, Jon, Whitney, and I have something in common
    Here was one of my posts about him that prompted Dateline's call...


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    I am happy to hear there is finally justice for Tim Wiltsey. From the time they found his Teen Age Mutant Ninja Turtle sneaker in the swampy area, it was obvious that he had been murdered. Now, if Jersey would just bring back the death penalty so 'monster' won't die of old age in prison, justice would be complete.

    Timothy Wiltsey's mother charged with murder

    MIDDLESEX COUNTY – Michelle Lodzinski, mother of Timothy Wiltsey, the 5-year-old boy reported missing from a carnival in 1991, was charged Wednesday with her son's murder.

    Lodzinski, formerly of South Amboy, was arrested at about 6 p.m. in Florida and charged with killing her son, whose partial remains were found in 1992, 11 months after he was reported missing from a carnival in 1991, according to Middlesex County Prosecutor Andrew C. Carey and Sayreville Police Chief John J. Zebrowski.


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    Daily Mail story


    What a horrible story. Poor Timothy

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    I wonder how she treated her other children, and I wonder if they even knew about their older sibling. I wonder if they are shocked at their mother's arrest or if in their hearts they are not surprised at all.

    Kudos to you, MadamReporter, for helping keep this little fella's case from gathering dust in a cold case file room.

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    The arrest came on Timothy’s birthday. He would have turned 29 Wednesday.

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    YES! Thanks OKG for never giving up and keeping us all in the loop. Bless your heart, friend
    Don't take yourself so seriously... nobody else does.

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