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    FL - Miami, BlkMale UP5676, 60-70, in Miami River, Dec'08


    • Age: 60 - 70 years old
    • Race: Black/African-American
    • Sex: Male
    • Height: 69 inches (5'9)
    • Weight: 178 lbs
    • Postmortem interval: Less than one week

    • Found 1100 NW N. River Drive in Miami, Miami-Dade County, FL
    • Captain of river detoxification boat found decedent floating in Miami River

    • 9 cm length curly, grey hair
    • Grey beard, mustache
    • Eye color: Brown

    • Black nylon Adidas pants
    • White, long-sleeved button-down shirt
    • Greyish sneakers
    • No wallet or belongings found

    • Dentals: Available and entered
    • Fingerprints: Available and entered
    • DNA: Available - tests not complete

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    I don't think these two have been compared before.



    Age (59) is just one year off the age range
    Race (black) matches
    Height (5'10) is within one inch
    Weight (190 lbs) is within 12 lbs
    Hair color (grey) matches
    Eye color (brown) matches
    He looks strikingly similar to the reconstruction. The lips, nose, hairline, face shape, facial hair, hairstyle, and eye spacing are almost identical
    The circumstances for Herbert's case don't suggest he met with foul play or anything in California, so he could very well have made it to Miami
    The time interval between Herbert's disappearance and the UP's discovery is a little over nine months, which is more than enough time to make it to Miami and lose 12 pounds, and for your beard to grow to the UP's length

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    Looks pretty close to me.

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    I sent an email with the information and this thread to the contact, Sandra Boyd, on Friday. I tried calling her on the phone but it wouldn't work for some reason. Haven't gotten a reply to the email yet, but that's probably because it's the weekend.
    It turns out she's the same woman I called when I was submitting another PM just last month. She's pretty cool and I remember telling her I'd call her if I ever found another PM.

    Anyways, I was looking at the two pictures again and I noticed another similarity. If you look closely, you can see a little circular patch of beard on the same spot of both men's chin. It's also the same grey and the area around this patch is relatively hairless on both men. I've drawn an arrow to it here:

    It's small, but do you guys think this detail is significant (or at least adds to my idea that this these two may be the same guy)? Or nah

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    I didn't realize one of those pics was the UID. I thought they were both Mr. Young.
    Opinions expressed are strictly my own (who else would they belong to???)

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    I'd called Boyd yesterday to see if she got the email I sent on Friday, but we couldn't really talk long since she was in the middle of a conference/meeting. I got a reply to the email this evening:

    Hello Samantha,
    reference the case below. My assistant Geisy is working on it and will be back in contact with you. Yes you are right, these two guys look alike.

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    This is not a match. Actually, Herbert Young wasn't even missing in the first place. I just heard from Mrs. Boyd that she'd called the LAPD and found out he's alive and has been in a nursing home this whole time. We have no idea why he's still listed as missing. She said she thought I had this one because they looked identical and she seemed as incredulous as I am right now.

    I'm so frustrated; I really had my hopes up for this PM. But I'm glad that he's alive and well. I'm going to email Meaghan from CharleyProject to tell her that Young isn't missing anymore.

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