Pettingill left his Sumner home to run an errand and was last seen with an unidentified woman at Fred Meyer in Coos Bay. He gave her a ride in his pickup truck. His body was later found on the side of a Bureau of Land Management logging road.

The Coos County Major Crimes Team identified the woman as a person of interest in the death. She may be associated with a group of outlaw bikers. The investigation over the following months identified members of the gang, and many were brought before a Coos County Grand Jury.

Over the years, the case has been reviewed and evidence resubmitted as DNA technology has improved, but the case remains in limbo.

When he left his house Aug. 31, 1991, Frank J. Pettingill told his wife he needed a TV guide from Curtis Mathes. A friend needed hobby glue, so he said he would also pick some up from Fred Meyer. That was the last anyone heard from him...

The day after Pettingill’s body was found, investigators thought they had caught their big break. His pickup was found buried in the sand by the south jetty at Bastendorff Beach. Frasier said police interviewed a man who had been camping nearby... “He had actually given her a ride from the scene, from where the truck was, to town. To the Blue Moon.”

She was described as being in her early or mid-30s, with shaggy brown-blond hair and a slight overbite. At the time, she had a bandana in her hair and was wearing jeans ripped at the knees... But, if anyone knew this woman, no one was identifying her to police. “Without giving specifics, we have forensic evidence that would help if we could get a name,” Frasier added.